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Finish Your Build Kit: Luth-AR AR-15 MBA-5 Adjustable Stock + Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec Heavy-Duty 6-Position Buffer Kit + Recoil Technologies AR-15 Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit + Bear Creek BC-15 BCG 7.62x39 + AR-15 M4 Charging Handle Mil-Spec

Part Number: FYK-34933
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Finish Your Build Kit:
+Luth-AR AR-15 MBA-5 Adjustable Stock
+Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec Heavy-Duty 6-Position Buffer Kit
+Recoil Technologies AR-15 Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit
+Bear Creek BC-15 BCG 7.62x39/12.7x42/9x39, Full Assembly, Nitride
+AR-15 M4 Charging Handle Mil-Spec Quality
Luth-AR AR-15 MBA-5 Adjustable Stock

General Info: Adding an Adjustable Stock to your rifle build is an essential piece to balancing your rifle & improving a shooter's comfort while in use. Stocks come in all shapes and sizes, a few things to be mindful of when picking your next adjustable stock is what personal application you will be putting your rifle through. Running Drills, Clearing Rooms, Competition Shooting, Hunting, Long Range, Bench shooting, or whatever other application you may need to use your rifle in. Having a comfortable and well-balanced & portable rifle starts with stock.

Model: Collapsible buttstock similar to the current US GI M4 carbine stock provides convenient six-position length-of-pull adjustment to fit different-size shooters, including those wearing body armor. Ready to install on any standard AR-15 rifle or carbine lower receiver. Stock interior diameter is matched to buffer tube O.D. for a snug fit that eliminates unwanted play and rattles.

Platform: AR-15 / 10

Buffer Tube Compatibility - Rifle Buffer Tube: This Carbine Mil-Spec Buttstock uses an adjustable shoulder pad to set the perfect length of pull for comfortable use with your optic of choice.

Carbine Buffer Tube: This Carbine Mil-Spec Buttstock fits on a Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer using only household tools to initially seat and secure into place. After seating, it can freely adjust to different positions.

Sling Loop: The Carbine Mil-Spec Buttstock features a sling sling loop for easy classic mounting without the need for extra hardware.

Material: The Carbine Mil-Spec Buttstock Is made out of Aluminum for reliability and impact resistance against the great outdoors.

Finish: Carbine Mil-Spec Buttstock is finished with a black appearance.

Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec Heavy-Duty 6-Position Buffer Tube ONLY (No Other Parts)

If you are in need of the 6-Position Aluminum 6061-T6 (buffer tube) Machined to Mil-Spec dimensions, we offer it separately. No other parts included just the tube.


Length: 7.25"

Recoil Technologies AR-15 Carbine Castle Nut

Standard Mil-Spec Castle Nut

AR-15 M4 Government Carbine Recoil Buffer 3 oz


Weighs 3 oz.

Standard carbine length buffer

Aluminum 6061-T6 exterior

Fits AR-15 and M16 carbine buffer tubes

Use with standard AR-15/M16 carbine buffer springs


3 oz. weight allows for more reliable function in rifles with shorter gas systems

3 oz. weight reduces bolt bounce in full auto fire

Increased weight also softens recoil

Standard dwell time for normal cycling of the rifle

Standard AR-15 Carbine Recoil Spring

Made of the finest spring steel rated for 20,000+ rounds

US Tactical Ind. AR-15 M16 Mil-Spec Receiver End Plate

Maintains Proper Alignment of Stock & Buffer Tube

M4-style receiver plate includes the engagement tab required to align the buttstock and buffer tube with the lower receiver on carbine models.

Precision, fine blanking process ensures precise edges and superior flatness for correct fit and solid installation.


Phosphate Finish

Made of 4140 Hardened Steel

Recoil Technologies AR-15 Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit

General Info: Getting all the parts you need to complete your lower can be extremely tedious. Lower parts kits take all the guesswork out of finishing your lower because all the pieces you need are included.The Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit comes with a standard right-hand safety selector. The fire control parts are MPI and Rockwell tested to ensure these parts meet the quality standards. This lower parts kit is the key to effortlessly completing your lower.

Brand: This USA-made lower parts kit is just what you need to complete your lower. It is budget friendly without sacrificing quality. It is composed with a variety of high-quality steel and brass components made to last! To ensure quality, all fire control parts have been MPI and Rockwell tested. Do your wallet and your firearm a favor by getting this cost effective, durable LPK.

Platform: Mil-Spec AR-15

FCG Included: The Mil-Spec Recoil Technologies kit comes with a Mil-Spec Fire Control Group to ensure reliable operation and ignition of hardened rifle primers.

Grip: The Mil-Spec lower parts kit includes an A2 style grip and grip screw to complete your AR-15 lower receiver.

Weight: The overall weight of the Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit is 0.505lbs.

Bear Creek BC-15 BCG 7.62x39/12.7x42/9x39, Full Assembly, Nitride

About this BCG: This Bear Creek BC-15 7.62x39/12.7x42/9x39 BCG is made from 9310 steel with a parkerized finish to keep it sleek and strong. It has been MPI tested to ensure it has a tough, durable design. It is compatible with all rear charging 7.62x39/12.7x42 uppers. Features like staking the gas key from the side and the enhanced extractor help elevate this BCG’s durability.

Caliber Compatibility: This BCG is designed for 7.62x39/12.7x42/9x39.

Finish: Nitride - Nitriding is a process during manufacturing that diffuses nitrogen into the steel to make a case-hardened surface for improved resistance and strength. A Nitrided BCG typically has a gloss-black texture. Nitrided Bolt Carriers have increased resistance to heat, and corrosion.

Material: 9310 Alloy Steel - Bolt Head - 9310 Steel is a low alloy steel that is a mixture of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. This steel is built to have high core hardness and high fatigue strength which make it the perfect steel to hold up in the harsh environments of the bolt head. 8620 Alloy Steel - Body - 8620 Steel is a carburized alloy steel meaning carbon was added to increase the hardness of the steel. 8620 is known for its high case toughness and high core toughness. Made mostly of nickel concentrate, this steel can easily withstand the firing stress of the BCG under operation.

Forward Assist Notches: This BCG comes with forward assist notches which allow the forward assist on the upper to contact the BCG pushing it forward and locking the bolt into place. These forward assist notches can also speedily help clear malfunctions when the BCG becomes jammed.

Gas System: Direct Impingement - Direct impingement is the process of directing the gas created during the operation of a firearm through the barrel, gas block, gas tube, and eventually into the BCG again to cycle the action and prepare the firearm for another round.

AR-15 M4 Charging Handle Mil-Spec Quality

This AR-15 M4 Charging Handle is machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and has a Type III hard coat anodized finish. This means that this is one strong, durable, and reliable charging handle. The Teflon coating on the handle makes it resistant to corrosion and waterproof. The complete assembly includes the latch. This charging handle is small but mighty.

Latch Style: A2 Style - The A2 Style Latch is on the left side of the rifle with a minimalist and sturdy design.

Platform: This charging handle is designed for the AR-15 platform. This will not work on the LR-308 platform.

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