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Finish Your Lower Kit: Luth-AR MBA-1 RFL-FXD Fixed Stock, Black + A2 Rifle Buffer Tube Kit + Complete Mil-Spec AR-15 LPK

Part Number: CO-83967
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Finish Your Lower Kit:
+ Luth-AR MBA-1 RFL-FXD Fixed Stock, Black
+ A2 Buffer Tube Kit
+ Complete Mil-Spec AR-15 LPK

Luth-AR MBA-1 RFL-FXD Fixed Stock, Black

General Info: Adding an Adjustable Stock to your rifle build is an essential piece to balancing your rifle & improving a shooter's comfort while in use. Stocks come in all shapes and sizes, a few things to be mindful of when picking your next adjustable stock is what personal application you will be putting your rifle through. Running Drills, Clearing Rooms, Competition Shooting, Hunting, Long Range, Bench shooting, or whatever other application you may need to use your rifle in. Having a comfortable and well-balanced & portable rifle starts with stock.

Brand: LUTH-AR-LLC features the Modular Buttstock Assembly that is fully adjustable, strong, and lightweight, AR Parts, and the Palm Handguard! Made in the USA!

Randy E. Luth has 31+ years of experience in the AR-15 Firearms Industry. During this time, he founded D.P.M.S./Panther Arms, which became one of the largest AR Manufacturers in the world, created 7 patents, and promoted/pioneered hunting with AR style rifles.

As President and Founder of LUTH-AR-LLC, Randy E. Luth looks forward to introducing more innovative and exciting products to the AR Industry.

Model: There are a lot of buttstocks out there all claiming to be the best. Luth-AR listen to professionals and created the first stock on the advice of those who use them daily. This modular buttstock assembly is half the weight of others on the market weighing in at 1.26 pounds. Your magazine weighs enough, do not add extra weight with the stock!

Weight: This stock features an overall weight of 1.26 lbs.

Platform: AR-15

Buffer Tube Compatability - Rifle Buffer Tube: This Luth-AR stock uses an adjustable shoulder pad to set the perfect length of pull for comfortable use with your optic of choice.

Cheek Riser: The Luth-AR Stock has a fine adjustment cheek riser for the shooter to get the perfect cheek weld no matter the height of the optics.

QD Sling: The Luth-AR Stock comes with QD attachment points for solid sling mounting.

Sling Loop: The Luth-AR Stock features a sling loop for easy classic mounting without the need for extra hardware.

Material: Luth-AR Stock is made out of glass-filled polymer for reliability and impact resistance against the great outdoors.

A2 Rifle Spring

AR-15 A2 Rifle Length Buffer Spring.

Rifle Length Buffer Spring for M16, M16A1, M16A2, M16A3, and M16A4 Rifles.

Rifle Action Spring for rifles with standard fixed stock. Not for use with carbines.

A2 Rifle Tube

A2 Rifle Length Buffer Tube is machined in the USA from 6061 aluminum and this buffer tube fits standard AR-15 and M-16 lower receivers and rifle length buttstocks. Crafted from aluminum and anodized black, it works with any standard AR-15 lower to provide the base for your fixed stock.

AR-15 A2 Rifle Buffer

Buffers can be used with either a Mil-Spec or commercial buffer tube. This buffer tube is great for new builds or replacing worn parts. This buffer is needed for A2 Stock Assembly

Complete Mil-Spec AR-15 LPK

General Info: Getting all the parts you need to complete your lower can be extremely tedious. Lower parts kits take all the guesswork out of finishing your lower because all the pieces you need are included. This USA-made KAK Industries Complete Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit comes with a standard right-hand safety selector. The fire control parts are MPI and Rockwell tested to ensure these parts meet the quality standards. This lower parts kit is the key to effortlessly completing your lower.

Brand: The Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit is produced by KAK Industry [https://www.deltateamtactical.com/kak-industries-ar-products.html] with high-quality steel & brass components.

Brand Info: KAK Industry was founded and incorporated in 2011 by Kurt Kosman to address a gap in the firearms market for quality, American-Made components at affordable, sustainable prices. KAK began in one small shop, supplying specialty firearms components with innovative designs to shooters and hunters across America. Almost immediately, the demand for these products grew to such that a dedicated manufacturing facility was opened in Southern California, a major aerospace manufacturing hub.

Platform: Mil-Spec AR-15

FCG Included: The Mil-Spec KAK kit comes with a Mil-Spec Fire Control Group to ensure reliable operation and ignition of hardened rifle primers.

Grip: The Mil-Spec lower parts kit includes an A2 style grip and grip screw to complete your AR-15 lower receiver.

Weight: The overall weight of the KAK Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit is 0.505lbs.

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