AR-15 Full Build Kits [Building an AR for beginners]

Looking to build your own AR-15? Delta Team Tactical offers Full Build Kits with every component needed for a custom rifle. Learn about the parts included, available calibers, and how to assemble your kit with our beginner-friendly guide.

Putting Together a build kit

One of the best selling item selections for Delta Team Tactical would be the wide and constantly growing selection of Full Build Kits for both the AR-15 and AR-10/LR-308 platform. Here you will find a bit more information about DTT’s Full Build Kits, what they come with, what you will need to do your own build, and why this is a great option for beginners and gun building enthusiasts alike.

What is an AR Full Build Kit?

As the name of the kit suggests, DTT provides a Full Kit with every component you’ll need to turn your stripped lower receiver into a working rifle on the AR platform. These kits allow you to build exactly to your preferences and within your budget. Since DTT has a large network of dealers, manufacturers, and partners, they manage to keep a wide selection of every component needed to do a build in many different calibers.

What comes in a Full Build Kit?

The parts that come in a Full Build Kit from DTT include the following:

- Barrel

- Gas Block

- Gas Tube

- Handguard and Barrel Nut

- Muzzle Device and Crush Washer

- BCG (Bolt Carrier Group)

- Charging Handle

- Stripped Upper

- Forward Assist Assembly (If Applicable)

- Ejection Port Door A.K.A. Dust Cover (If Applicable)

- LPK (Lower Parts Kit with Trigger, Trigger Guard, and A2 Grip)

- Buffer Tube

- Buffer

- Stock

AR-15 Full Build Kit Infographic

Occasionally, additional build kits can become available within DTT’s category sales that provide additional parts in the build kit such as magazines, optics, flip-up sights, and other AR upgrades and accessories.  

 Within the product details section of each full build kit, you can see the specific brand and model of each component used in that specific Full Build Kit.  

 AR-15 and AR-10 Full Build Kits are available in many different calibers and DTT does their best to keep as many different caliber/cartridge compatible configurations in stock as much as possible.

The most common chambers that can be built in an AR-15 and AR-10 platform include the following:

- 5.56 NATO

- .223 Wylde


- 6.5 Grendel

- 9MM

- .350 Legend

- .300 Blackout

- .458 SOCOM

- .45 ACP

- 6.5 Creedmoor

- .308 Winchester

- .450 Bushmaster

- 10MM

- 12.7x42

- .22 LR

And much more!

Calibers that can be fired from an AR-15

Where can I get a lower to finish this build kit?

Lower receivers can be purchased HERE

Serialized lower receivers will be shipped to your Federal Firearms License Holder (FFL holders at local gun shops). Once they are shipped to your FFL, they will help you with the firearms transfer and background check.

How do I put my full build kit together?

When purchasing your Full Build Kit, you can choose to have the upper assembly put together and test-fired by Delta Team Tactical’s in-house gun builders, or you can choose to have it unassembled for the ultimate DIY build experience.  

For instructions on how to assemble your AR Upper on your own, you can find them HERE 

For Instructions on how to assemble your AR lower on your own, You can find them HERE

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