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Furniture Kit: Trinity Force AR-15 17 Degree Polymer Pistol Grip - Black + Adaptive Tactical AR-15 EX Performance Adjustable Stock

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Furniture Kit:
+Trinity Force AR-15 17 Degree Polymer Pistol Grip - Black
+Adaptive Tactical AR-15 EX Performance Adjustable Stock

Not a fan of the original A2 style grip? Upgrading your pistol grip on your rifle or pistol is as simple a process as just unscrewing your old grip and screwing in your new grip! If you're looking for a better texture, finger grooves, a rubber overmold, or even a beavertail to fill up your hand. You can certainly find a grip that works for you! The Pistol Grip houses a critical component in the function of your lower receiver, the safety selector spring. This spring applies pressure against your safety selector holding it in place and making the tactile 'click' when switching between safe and fire. Thanks to the interchangeability between AR-15 and AR-10 rifles, the pistol grip for an AR-15 can be used on both DPMS Pattern LR-308 rifles and AR-10 battle rifles.

About this Pistol Grip: The Trinity Force 17 Degree Grip is a lightweight tactical pistol grip made from high strength polymer. Designed for the AR platform, this grip offers a more vertical grip angle for improved weapon leverage in close range applications. The Trinity Force 17 Degree Grip is designed to be used with rifles that feature a shorter length of pull.

Material: Polymer - The Trinity Force Polymer Grip is made out of polymer for reliability, impact resistance, weight savings, and comfort during use.

Texture: Stippled - This grip comes with a rough stippled texture which prevents the shooters hand from slipping when firing and allows maximum accuracy.

Color / Finish: Polymer Black


Made from one-piece reinforced polymer

Durable, lightweight, and rugged to withstand years of use

Increased grip angle compared to the standard A2 pistol grip

17 degree grip angle

Agressive texturing

Improves positive weapon control in any environment

All mounting hardware included

General Info: We're not all built the same, so why should our stock be? The Adaptive Tactical AR-15 EX Performance Adjustable Stock has easy to reach adjustment levers that allow users to adjust to the proper length of pull. Adjustable stocks are also an advantage in situations where groups of people are using the same rifle. The sling loops are molded into the stock so rusting won't occur. There are also QD mounts with an oversized, high-strength adjustment pin. The non-slip, vented rubber buttpad provides extra grip and helps reduce felt recoil. The slick, innovative design is high strength and can easily be installed using household tools.

Brand: Adaptive Tactical - Adaptive Tactical infuses every product with over 40 years of firearm design and polymer engineering expertise. With a passion for stretching the boundaries of firearm innovation, Adaptive Tactical is driven to offer products focused on improving speed, performance, and versatility. Our passion for design and innovation is balanced with an unrelenting commitment to a quality product, uncompromising safety, and unmatched customer satisfaction. Our pledge to our customers is to provide products that not only meet the intended purpose but perform beyond expectations. We stand behind every Adaptive Tactical product and guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of workmanship and materials.Expect to be thrilled with your Adaptive Tactical purchase -- we'll settle for nothing less.

Model: AT EX Performance Adjustable Stock

Weight: This stock features an overall weight of 0.60 lbs.

Platform: AR-15 / 10

Buffer Tube Compatibility - Carbine Buffer Tube: This AT EX Performance Adjustable Stock fits on a Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer using only household tools to initially seat and secure into place. After seating, it can freely adjust to different positions.

QD Sling: The AT EX Performance Adjustable Stock comes with QD attachment points for solid sling mounting.

Sling Loop: The AT EX Performance Adjustable Stock features a sling loop for easy classic mounting without the need for extra hardware.

Buttpad: This stock has a hex rubber buttpad to lighten the felt recoil impulse directed to the shooter.

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