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Gas Block, Clamp-On, Low-Profile Steel, Finish Bore .625, Manganese Phosphate Finish w/ two #8x3/8L Soc. Screws

Part Number: GB-06134
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Gas Block, Clamp-On, Low-Profile Steel, Finish Bore .625, 
Manganese Phosphate Finish w/ two #8x3/8L Soc. Screws

The Gas Block on your AR-15 / AR-10 style rifle is an integral part of the gas system that allows your rifle to cycle. By tapping off gas from the barrel and diverting it back into the gas key of the bolt carrier group, there is enough inertial force to unlock the bolt carrier, send it rearward to the recoil assembly, and extract and pickup another cartridge to fire.

About this Gas Block: This gas block is drilled for a .625 size gas port. .625 Gas Ports are typically smaller than average and are to be paired with a barrel with a .625 gas port as well. .625 Gas Block have a tendency to have trouble running sub-sonic ammunition, as the amount of gas allowed the smaller porthole is reduced. This gas block is 'low-profile' and is designed to sit underneath a free-float handguard.

Gas Port Size: This gas block is a smaller than average .625 size gas block.

Platform: This gas block will work on both AR-15 and AR-10 barrels, for .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor barrels, be mindful of possible tolerance issues in the barrel profile..

Profile: This Gas Block is 'low-profile' and designed to fit underneath freefloat handguards.

Finish: Phosphate - This gas block uses a phosphate finish, making it have improved rust and corrosion resistance. Phosphate finishes typically make the part have a matte finish.

Attachment Style: Clamp-On - This gas block uses a clamp-on style system, allowing it to stretch and change size in case of tolerance differences on the barrel. The Clamp-on gas block is secured by 2 screws to provide the clamping force on the barrel.

Material: Steel - This gas block is made from hardened & tempered steel, providing the strength and rigidity to withstand forces of expanding gasses and vibration from the rifle or pistol under operation.

DISCLAIMER: **Before purchasing, please be mindful of possible tolerance differences resulting from your handguard profile, barrel profile, gas length, and barrel gas port.**

Brand: Recoil Technologies
Platform: AR-15, AR-10 / LR-308
Model: Clamp-On, Low-Profile Steel, Finish Bore .625, Manganese Phosphate Finish
Gas Port Size: 0.625
Adjustable: No
Profile: Low-Profile
Finish: Phosphate
Attachment Style: Clamp On
Material: Steel

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