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Gauntlet Arms AR-15/M4 CQB 4 PT Mil-Spec Micro Buttstock

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Gauntlet Arms AR-15/M4 CQB 4 PT Mil-Spec Micro Buttstock


Gear up with the Gauntlet Arms AR-15/M4 CQB 4 PT Mil-Spec Micro Buttstock, designed for those who demand compact versatility without sacrificing comfort. The ideal choice for tactical maneuvers and dynamic shooting situations.

Introducing the Gauntlet Arms AR15/M4 CQB 4-Position Mil-Spec Micro Buttstock – a top-tier upgrade for your firearm that embodies mil-spec excellence and American craftsmanship. Engineered with precision and designed to elevate your shooting experience, this stock combines reliability and versatility in a compact package.

Crafted to mil-spec standards, this buttstock guarantees a seamless fit and compatibility with your AR15 or M4 platform. With a 4-position adjustable design, you can easily customize the length of pull to suit your preferences and shooting needs. Whether you're navigating tight spaces or engaging targets at a distance, this stock ensures optimal comfort and control. An adjustable stock allows shooters to modify the length of pull, which is the distance from the buttstock to the trigger. This customization accommodates shooters of different body sizes, arm lengths, and shooting positions, enhancing comfort and control. Adjustable stocks are versatile and adaptable to various shooting scenarios. Whether shooting from confined spaces or engaging targets at longer distances, an adjustable stock can provide the optimal length for each situation.

Proudly made in the USA, this Gauntlet Arms buttstock reflects a commitment to quality that's synonymous with American manufacturing. The use of high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail ensures that this stock not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of shooters.

Upgrade your firearm with the AR15/M4 CQB 4-Position Mil-Spec Micro Buttstock and experience enhanced ergonomics, precision, and durability. Trust in mil-spec construction and embrace the freedom to adjust your stock for a perfect fit. Elevate your shooting performance and choose a buttstock that stands as a testament to American engineering and excellence.


Brand: Gauntlet Arms
Model: AR-15/M4 CQB 4 PT Mil-Spec Micro Buttstock
Style: Rifle Stock
Material: Glass Filled Polymer
Sling Mount: Yes
Sling Style: Sling Loop
Buffer Tube Compatibility: Mil-Spec
Adjustible: Yes
Color: Black
Storage Compartment: No
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Includes Buffer Tube: No
Caliber Sepcific: No
Adjustable Cheek Riser: No
Rubberized Buttpad: No

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