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Gauntlet Arms 10" "Tone" M-Lok Crescent Slant-Pro Handguard W/Anti-Rotation Tabs

Part Number: ML-10-49810
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Gauntlet Arms 10" "Tone" M-Lok Crescent Slant-Pro Handguard W/Anti-Rotation Tabs


Embrace precision with the Gauntlet Arms 10" "Tone" M-Lok Crescent Slant-Pro Handguard! Where style meets function in every tactical twist and turn.

Step into the spotlight of precision and style with the Gauntlet Arms 10" "Tone" M-Lok Crescent Slant-Pro Handguard, tailor-made for the AR-15 platform. This sleek, freefloat handguard sports a compact 10-inch profile, improving rifle agility and maneuverability with finesse. Constructed from feather-light yet robust aluminum, it provides reliability without the added bulk, catering to tactical missions and high-stakes competitive shooting. Perfect your aim with a touch of style and efficiency—because every shot counts.

Designed for Enhanced Functionality:
Equipped with four QD mounts strategically positioned for rapid sling attachment, the Gauntlet Arms "Tone" Handguard offers versatility on the field. The integrated M-Lok accessory attachment system allows for seamless customization with a wide range of tactical gear, from optics to grips, making sure your firearm is tailored to meet the demands of any mission or shooting discipline.

Built for Stability and Durability:
Featuring anti-rotation tabs, this handguard allows for a secure and stable fit on your AR-15, preventing unwanted movement during intense shooting sessions. The Crescent Slant-Pro design not only improves the aesthetics of your rifle but also facilitates comfortable handling and precise control. With the included barrel nut, installation is straightforward, minimizing downtime and maximizing your time on the range.

Why Choose Gauntlet Arms "Tone" Handguard?
Step up your shooting game with the "Tone" Handguard from Gauntlet Arms. Its unique crescent slant-pro shape isn't just about looks—it's designed to improve both functionality and visual appeal. Crafted from lightweight yet durable aluminum, this 10-inch freefloat handguard helps your AR-15 remain agile and reliable in any tactical or competitive shooting scenario. Precision-engineered for optimal performance, it's a smart choice for shooters looking to improve their setup without compromising on quality. Experience the difference today and see why the "Tone" Handguard is a standout choice in firearm accessories.


Brand: Gauntlet Arms
Model: 10" "Tone" M-Lok Crescent Slant-Pro Handguard W/Anti-Rotation Tabs
Length: 10"
QD Mount: Yes
Number of QD Mounts: 4
Platform: AR-15
Style: Freefloat
Attachment System: M-Lok
Profile: Premium
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Color: Black
Finish: Anodized
Anti Rotation Tabs: Yes
Barrel Nut Included: Yes

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