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Grip/LPK Combo: AR15 Skeletonized Polymer Grip - Black + Omega Mfg. Single Point Bungee Rifle Sling - Black

Part Number: CO-84605
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Grip/LPK Combo:
+AR15 Skeletonized Polymer Grip - Black
+Omega Mfg. Single Point Bungee Rifle Sling - Black

The pistol grip on an AR-15 is the most interactive part of the rifle, this gives you the firm grip needed to hold and brace the rifle in your shoulder. Thanks to the "Invinci-Blend" polymer, the grip offers a comfortable hold without sacrificing the durability to survive even the worst of scenarios. The design of the AR-15 pistol grip also retains a critical spring needed for applying positive pressure on your safety selector. This allows you to feel the tactile click when switching between safety and fire. Thanks to the interchangeability of parts between the AR-15 and LR-308 / AR-10 platforms, AR-15 grips can be used between both rifle patterns. Enhance your build with the simplest but also the most reliable parts in the industry. The best part, it can all be installed from the comfort of your own home.

About this Pistol Grip: This grip is crafted from a tough, impact-resistant polymer blend. The skeletonized, ergonomic design feels lightweight and secure.

Material: This Pistol Grip is made out of DuPont Nylon and Nylon Proprietary Polymer Blend for insurmountable indestructible properties while reducing weight on your AR-15 firearm. We have put rigorous stress tests upward to running over it with a vehicle and smashing it with a 5lb sledgehammer.

Texture: This grip has unique and exclusive texture to provide extra grip for users in both wet and dry scenarios.

Color / Finish: This Davidson Defense Pistol Grip comes with a black finish.

Omega Mfg. Single Point Bungee Rifle Sling - Black

This one-point tactical sling allows you to ergonomically rest your rifle without binding a two or three-point sling. One-point slings are excellent for applications requiring a high amount of tactical readiness such as speed reloads, acquiring a fast sight picture, or stowing your rifle in the low ready position while having both hands free for use. One-point slings are especially useful for disengaging your primary weapon and transitioning to a secondary sidearm.

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