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Guard Dog Body Armor Level IIIA Ultralight Ceramic Plate, 10x12

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Guard Dog Body Armor Level IIIA Ultralight Ceramic Plate, 10x12

Hard Armor panels are great for increased protection, used by modern militaries, police, and civilians, hard armor plates comprised of Ceramic, Steel, Titanium, and other Composite armors panels are used widely in modern shell vests, plate carriers, and bags. Not all hard panels have a spall liner, but in the case of impact from a projectile, a spall liner is designed to catch or deflect the jacket from the projectile on impact. This in turn reduces the possibility of shrapnel injuries. Hard Armor panels made with ceramics are lighter, and plates made from steel are heavier. The trade-off between mobility and protection is worth it!

About this Armor: Safety on and off the range is critical, which is why investing in quality body armor is important. The Guard Dog Body Armor Level IIIA Ultralight Ceramic Plate is a fantastic, lightweight option for your next set of plates. The plate has 3a protection and is covered with waterproof polyester to ensure your safety in almost any situation. This lightweight, airy design is also a great plate option for children.

Armor Level: Level IIIA - Tested to Stop 9x19, .357 Magnum, .357 SIG, and .44 Magnum rounds fired from longer barrel handguns & pistol caliber sub guns. Not rated for rifle ammunition.

Plate Size: 10"x12" - This an average size plate for medium sized torsos.

Material: Ceramic - Ceramic armor is renown for it hardness and lightweight properties by comparison to steel, however when hit or compromoised, ceramic plates lose alot of their protective capabilities, for this reason ceramic is great for lightweight armor, but cannot take repeated hits.

Plate Cut: Shooter's Cut - Shooters Cut plates are cut to accomdate a plate carrier for both left and right handed shooters, allowing you the upper body flexibility that you you will need when out in the field.

Type: Hard Panel - Hard Panels use rigid material that are non-flexible

Brand: Guard Dog Body Armor
Model: Level IIIA Ultralight Ceramic Plate, 10x12
Armor Level: Level IIIA
Plate Size: 10"x12" (M)
Spall Liner: No
Material: Ceramic
Plate Cut: Shooter's Cut
Type: Hard Panel
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