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Guntec AR-15 Extended Bolt Catch Release - Anodized Purple

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Guntec AR-15 Extended Bolt Catch Release - Anodized Purple

An extended bolt catch is a great way to increase the ergonomics and overall manipulation of your rifle. The bolt catch interfaces with the locking tab on the rear of your magazine. When on an empty magazine it will engage the bolt catch and prevent it from closing, making your next magazine swap easy or notifying the shooter that they’re out of ammo. This bolt catch is functional between both AR-15 and DPMS pattern LR-308 lower receivers.

About this Bolt Catch: The Guntec extended bolt catch is a high-quality aluminum part that is anodized purple and that allows the shooter to lock their bolt back and close the bolt with their trigger finger. Being able to hold your bolt open and close it with your trigger fingers means you can stay in the shooting/ready position. This allows you to maintain efficiency by not removing your off-hand away from the firearm.

This extended bolt catch has a unique three screw system and has a slot for a secure fit that will stay tight. Installation is a breeze, simply attach it to your existing bolt catch and tighten the screws down.

Extended Catch Paddle: This bolt catch utilizes an extended catch paddle that is easier to engage and disengage from the bolt during operation.

Texture: Grooved - This Bolt Catch uses a grooved texture to assist the shooter's finger or glove engage with the catch.

Material: This bolt catch is made from aluminum, making it an incredibly strong and resistant bolt catch.

Platform: AR-15
Model: AR-15 Extended Bolt Catch Release - Anodized Purple
Extended Catch Lever: Yes
Ambidextrous: No
Texture: Grooved
Construction: Aluminum
Color: Anodized Purple

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