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Holosun Technologies, 507C-X2, Red Dot, 32 MOA Ring & 2 MOA Dot, Black Color, Side Battery, Solar Failsafe, RMR Footprint

Part Number: OP-47316
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Holosun HS507C X2 Micro Red Dot


Keep your shots on target with the Holosun Technologies HS507C-X2 Red Dot Sight, a cutting-edge open-reflex optical sight meticulously designed for full-sized pistol applications. With a host of advanced features such as a solar fail-safe, shake awake and auto-shutoff, RMR footprint, 50k hour battery life, 32 MOA ring with a 2 MOA dot, lock mode, and durable construction, this optic sets a new standard for precision and reliability.

Lock Mode for Unwavering Settings:
The HS507C-X2 introduces Lock Mode, a feature that takes control to the next level. Activate Lock Mode to safeguard against inadvertent setting changes. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your chosen settings stay locked in, providing consistent performance in critical moments.

Red Super LED and Extended Battery Life:
Powered by Holosun's Red Super LED, this sight delivers a crisp 32 MOA Ring and a precise 2 MOA Dot. With an impressive battery life of up to 50,000 hours, the HS507C-X2 ensures extended use without the hassle of frequent battery changes, keeping you focused on your target. In combination with the Solar Panels on the optic, this battery life can potentially be even longer.

Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake Technology:
Equipped with Solar Failsafe technology, the HS507C-X2 harnesses solar energy to complement its battery power, ensuring continuous functionality in various lighting conditions. The Shake Awake feature further conserves battery life by entering sleep mode during inactivity and instantly waking up at the slightest movement.

RMR Footprint:

The Holosun HS507C-X2 is designed to be compatible with RMR cut slides and mounting plates. Meaning, most standard OCS cut slides will be compatible such as Polymer80 G19 compatible slides and some P320 compatible slides.

Durable 7075 Aluminum Housing:
Crafted from robust 7075 Aluminum, the HS507C-X2's housing ensures durability without adding unnecessary weight. The industry-standard footprint allows for easy integration into various setups, while the side-mounted tray facilitates quick and convenient battery replacement.

Precision Red Dot Sight, Redefined:
Holosun Technologies raises the bar with the HS507C-X2 Red Dot Sight. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a tactical enthusiast, experience unmatched precision, reliability, and adaptability in every shot. Upgrade your full-sized pistol with the optic that sets the new standard – choose the HS507C-X2 for an unparalleled shooting experience.


Brand: Holosun
Model: HS507C X2 Micro Red Dot
Optic Type: Red Dot
Magnification Type: 1x
Illumination: Yes
Illumination Color: Red
Shake-Awake: Yes
Solar Recharging: Yes
Battery: CR1632
Lens Diameter: 23mm
MOA-Adjustments: 1-MOA Click
Reticle: 32 MOA Ring & 2 MOA Dot
Turrets: Exposed
Max Elevation: 50 MOA
Max Windage: 50 MOA
Accessories Included: Cover

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