How to install a pistol grip

A step by step guide on how to install a new pistol grip

Switching out your old pistol grip for a new one is a quick and relatively easy process. Below is a guide to swapping out your pistol grip. If you need a new grip, you can find several options here.

Safety first! This is the most important part of installing your new pistol grip because part of the fire controls are housed in the grip. Begin by putting your firearm on “safe”, and dropping the magazine. Be sure the chamber is empty. 

Once you have completed the safety step, use a flashlight to check the interior of the old pistol grip. You will need to determine what size Allen wrench to use. Be sure to use one with a long stem.

Insert the Allen wrench into the bottom of the old pistol grip and begin loosening. As you are loosening, be aware that the safety selector spring may come loose. Use your other hand to ensure that the selector spring and selector detent are not lost during this step.

The detent and spring are important parts of the fire controls. They’re small enough to get lost during the process. If they do get lost you can get replacements for these here.

Once you have removed the grip, remove the selector spring and detent. Before installing the new grip, clean the mounting surface if needed.

Insert the selector spring and selector detent into the new grip.

Mount the new grip using hand pressure. Make sure that the spring is compressing properly.

Tighten the new bolt and lock washer. Make sure the pistol grip is firmly mounted. Be sure not to strip the bolt.

Work the safety selector to make sure everything is functioning properly and you’re all done!


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Date 11/10/2022

Can you do one showing off how to install a drop-in trigger for AR-15s??


Date 2/17/2023

From what I have read the ar15 and the LR308 lower grip are the same. The problem I have installing the grip on my 308 is the lower I have has the take down pin spring hole is under the grip and there’s no hole in th grip to line it up and the spring is so long it’s hard to not crimp the spring.. What am I doing wrong the grip I would think should have a hole for the take down spring like it dose for the safety spring.

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