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JE Machine Frame Parts Kit For Glock G43

Part Number: GL-24743
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JE Machine Frame Parts Kit For Glock G43


Introducing the JE Machine Frame Parts Kit for Glock G43 Gen 3 – an unparalleled solution for those who demand the ultimate in customization, compatibility, and craftsmanship. Designed and engineered by JE Machine, this kit empowers you to construct a firearm that aligns perfectly with your shooting needs - whether it be for self-defense, target practice, or a competitive level.

Seamless Compatibility:
Crafted exclusively for Gen 3 Glock 43 frames (including Polymer80, Geisler, SCT, Lone Wolf, factory Glock frames and more) our frame parts kit guarantees a flawless fit. Whether you're a tactical enthusiast or a concealed carry advocate, this kit paves the way for a fully customized firearm that suits your unique needs.

From Concept to Reality – Build Your Masterpiece:
Imagine creating your own Glock G43 Gen 3 masterpiece from the ground up. With the JE Machine Frame Parts Kit, you're not just assembling a firearm – you're sculpting an extension of your identity. Every detail, from the trigger assembly to the takedown lever, is an expression of your preferences and shooting style. With the incredible versatility and support for Gen 3 components, you can unlock a universe of possibilities with the JE Machine Frame Parts Kit. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with an extensive range of aftermarket components, slides, and frames, your firearm will emerge as a pinnacle of performance, reliability, and innovation.

A Reliable Lifeline in a Chaotic World:
More than just a gateway to customization, this frame parts kit is a safety net for Glock owners. Keep the JE Machine Frame Parts Kit as a comprehensive replacement parts solution, ready to address any potential firearm issues. You'll want to have one on hand to keep your firearm ready to go and ready for any scenario.

Crafted to Endure, Engineered to Excel:
Built with unwavering durability in mind, our Frame Parts Kit is meticulously crafted to withstand the challenges of rigorous shooting sessions. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a dedicated enthusiast, rely on its consistent performance to meet and exceed your expectations. Having a reliable sidearm means being prepared for the worst.

While the JE Machine Frame Parts Kit for Glock G43 Gen 3 encompasses the essentials for your custom creation, it does not include the frame, locking block, or magazine. As such, this kit is a great opportunity to transform your existing G43 Gen 3 frame into a symbol of precision and individuality and opening the doors to a great experience.

Take command of reliability, customization, and craftsmanship as you redefine the possibilities of your firearm. This kit isn't just about building a firearm; it's about the start of your legacy as an incredible shooter.


Brand: JE Machine
Model: Frame Parts Kit For Glock G43
Kit Type: Frame Kit
Includes Trigger/Trigger Bar: Yes
Includes Guide Rod & Spring: No
Model Compatibility: 43
Includes Backplate: No

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