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JE Machine Front and Rear Folding Back Up Battle Sights

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JE Machine Front and Rear Folding Back Up Battle Sights


Shoot straight and excel in even the toughest of situations with the JE Machine Front and Rear Folding Back-Up Battle Sights for Picatinny rails. Crafted with uncompromising precision from lightweight aluminum and finished with a rugged black nitride coating, these folding battle sights are designed to be compact, rugged, and reliable all while standing strong where the battery and glass-based optics would fail.

Built to Thrive in Adversity:
Experience the confidence that only high-grade aluminum can provide - engineered to be light yet incredibly strong, these sights can take a beating without sacrificing your accuracy. Additionally, the black nitride corrosion-resistant finish ensures your sights can withstand the most demanding environments, offering a steadfast solution that won't yield in even the harshest scenarios.

Why Have Iron Sights if You Have an Optic:
Bid farewell to the vulnerabilities of batteries with limited life, glass that's susceptible to scratches, and heavy optic systems that can compromise balance. The JE Machine Folding Back-Up Battle Sight Set is a testament to ruggedness – free from electronic components that can fail or glass that can shatter. In the event of optic failure, these battle sights step up to the challenge, providing a set of sights that will never fail you. In addition, iron sights are a microscopic fraction of the price of expensive red dots, scopes, and other optics. Providing the ultimate backup, these sights ensure you remain operational when technology falters.

Elegance in Compact Design:
Embrace the fusion of form and function with the compact folding design. These back-up battle sights seamlessly fold away when not in use, allowing your rifle to remain slim and wieldable without compromising on capability. With a quick deployment time, you'll never have to worry about carrying a heavy and uncomfortable optic that'll throw you off balance and wear out your strength.

Why Buy a Set of Iron Sights:
For one, they've been used for hundreds of years and have no sign of giving up anytime soon. They've remained a staple of an exceptional build due to their reliability, ruggedness, and clear and uncompromising sight picture. Secondly, f you're worried about shooting out to long ranges (whether it be for self-defense, hunting, or just target shooting) you don't have to worry. Considering most self-defense scenarios occur within 10 yards of the attacker and the fact that you can reliably shoot at 100 yards with only iron sights and just a bit of training, you won't have to worry about bulky 16x scopes and fragile battery-reliant red dots ever again.

From reliability and independence from the weaknesses of expensive optics to their rugged composition and incredibly affordable price point, you'll want to make sure you have a set on hand. Purchase the JE Machine Front and Rear Folding Back-Up Battle Sights now and never have to worry about failed optics, bulky scopes, and unreliable sight pictures again.


Brand: JE Machine
Model: Front and Rear Folding Back Up Battle Sights
Mount Position: AR-15
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Nitride
Included: Front Sight, Rear Sight
Color: Black
Mounting System: Picatinny
Flip-Up: Yes
Spring Loaded: No
Profile: Standard

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