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KAK H2 Buffer Black Body with Blue Tip

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KAK INDUSTRY H2 Black Buffer Body with Blue Tip


A reliable and heavy H2 buffer for your AR-15!

Fine-tune your AR-15 with the KAK H2 Buffer Black Body featuring a striking Blue Tip. Great for over-gassed systems, higher power loads, or in conjunction with a suppressor, this H2 Heavy buffer replaces your standard carbine buffer to ensure more reliable cycling and a more comfortable shooting experience.

Optimal Weight for Peak Performance:
Weighing in at 4.65 ounces, the KAK H2 Buffer surpasses the standard 3 oz. carbine buffer, providing an extra layer of control. Engineered to excel with higher power loads or in over-gassed systems, this buffer is a game-changer, especially when paired with suppressors. The heavier buffer weight is your key to reduced felt recoil, ensuring a more comfortable and reliable cycling experience. If you have a standard carbine buffer and you notice your brass is ejecting towards the front, then it means your rifle is over-gassed and this is the right buffer for you.

Sleek and Durable:
Crafted with durability in mind, the KAK H2 Buffer boasts a robust construction with internal weights that can withstand the demands of intensive shooting sessions. The black body not only further adds a nice touch to make you're AR-15 look slick.

Why Choose the KAK H2 Buffer?
When it comes to managing recoil in over-gassed systems, the KAK H2 Buffer Black Body with Blue Tip stands as the top choice. Improve your AR-15 with a buffer that not only reduces felt recoil but also ensures a reliable and comfortable cycling experience. Upgrade your setup with KAK H2 Buffer today and make sure your AR-15 is performing at its best.


Manufacturer: KAK INDUSTRY
Color: Matte Black
Weight: 4.65oz

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