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KAK Industry Mil-Spec LPK & 9mm Buffer Tube Kit

Part Number: CO-47000
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Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec LPK & 9MM Buffer Tube Kit combo


An outstanding combo for creating the perfect 9MM lower!

Complete your 9MM AR lower and create the perfect AR PCC with the Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec LPK & 9mm Buffer Tube Kit. This dynamic combination offers the best of both worlds, featuring a rugged mil-spec LPK for comprehensive lower customization and a Premium Mil-Spec 9mm Complete Buffer Tube Kit tailored for your AR-9 PCC. Shoot confidently, knowing that your lower is furnished with reliable and durable parts chosen specifically for 9MM.

Rugged Mil-Spec LPK:
Begin your lower assembly journey with the Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec AR-15 LPK, a complete lower parts kit designed for reliability and compatibility. Crafted to mil-spec standards, this kit ensures universal compatibility with any mil-spec lower receiver, as well as many aftermarket and custom lowers. Whether you're assembling an AR for home defense, range shooting, or competition, this LPK satisfies your needs, offering a grip, safety selector group, fire control group, magazine release, bolt-catch, takedown pins, and detents – everything you need for an exceptional lower assembly.

Comprehensive Buffer Kit for 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbines:
Take your AR-9 PCC to the next level with the Premium Mil-Spec 9mm Complete Buffer Tube Kit. Engineered for durability, precision, and compatibility, this kit includes a carbine 6-position mil-spec buffer tube, recoil spring, castle nut, 5.5 oz. 9MM KAK buffer, and a mil-spec end plate. The robust 6061 T6 aluminum construction of the buffer tube ensures maximum compatibility with mil-spec carbine stocks and certain pistol stabilizing braces like the SBA3. Whether you're building a fun range gun, a reliable home-defense option, or a competitive powerhouse for close-quarters combat, this kit delivers.

Why Opt for this Dynamic Duo?
Choosing the Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec LPK & 9mm Buffer Tube Kit means opting for reliability, performance, and convenience. The mil-spec LPK caters to your lower parts needs, ensuring compatibility and durability, while the 9mm Buffer Tube Kit tailors your AR-9 PCC to your specific applications and completes your PCC lower. Whether building, upgrading, or keeping spare parts on hand, this dynamic duo offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for your AR lower assembly endeavors. Upgrade your AR-15 experience – choose the Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec LPK & 9mm Buffer Tube Kit and redefine your shooting capabilities.


Brand: Recoil Technologies
Model: Mil-Spec LPK & 9MM Buffer Tube Kit combo
Platform: AR-9/AR-15
Includes FCG: Yes
Includes Grip: Yes
Grip Model: Mil-Spec A2 Grip
Grip Color: Black

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