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KAK Blade Pistol Arm Stabilizer Brace BATF Approved

Part Number: 4707
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KAK Industry Blade Pistol Arm Stabilizer Brace


Boost your shooting experience with the KAK Blade Pistol Arm Stabilizer Brace, BATF approved for reliability and precision. Perfect for optimizing control and comfort, it's a must-have addition to your firearm setup.

Step up your shooting experience with the KAK Blade Pistol Arm Stabilizer Brace, a versatile accessory designed to provide stability and control for your pistol. Crafted from durable glass-filled polymer, this pistol brace is built to withstand rigorous use while maintaining a lightweight profile at just 5.0 ounces. Compatible with Mil-Spec and pistol buffer tubes, it seamlessly integrates with your firearm, providing a secure and fixed adjustment for optimal performance.

Designed for Versatility and Reliability:
The KAK Blade Pistol Arm Stabilizer Brace features a convenient sling mount with a sling loop style, allowing you to easily attach a sling for improved maneuverability. It does not include a storage compartment or adjustable cheek riser, its streamlined design focuses on delivering reliable support and stability during firing. The brace's fixed adjustability grants consistent performance, making it an essential addition to any pistol setup.

American-Made Quality and Compliance:
Proudly made in the USA, the KAK Blade Pistol Arm Stabilizer Brace exemplifies craftsmanship and engineering. Its robust construction and attention to detail reflect the high standards of American manufacturing. Additionally, this brace is BATF approved, making sure it meets all regulatory requirements for pistol use. Whether you're a tactical operator, competitive shooter, or firearm enthusiast, you can trust this brace to improve your shooting experience with confidence.

Why Choose the KAK Blade Pistol Arm Stabilizer Brace?
Opting for the KAK Blade Pistol Arm Stabilizer Brace means choosing a product that combines durability, functionality, and compliance. Its glass-filled polymer construction ensures long-lasting reliability, while its lightweight design offers minimal impact on your firearm's weight. The fixed adjustability and Mil-Spec buffer tube compatibility make it a versatile choice for various pistol configurations. Upgrade your pistol with the KAK Blade and experience the difference in stability, control, and overall shooting performance.


Brand: KAK Industry
Model: Blade Pistol Arm Stabilizer Brace
Style: Pistol Brace
Material: Glass Filled Polymer
Sling Mount: Yes
Sling Style: Sling Loop
Buffer Tube Compatibility: Mil-Spec, Pistol
Adjustible: Fixed
Color: Black
Storage Compartment: No
Country of Origin: USA
Weight: 0.3lbs
Includes Buffer Tube: No
Caliber Sepcific: No
Adjustable Cheek Riser: No
Rubberized Buttpad: No

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