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Leapers, Inc. - UTG Ultra Slim Angled Foregrip, M-Lok, Matte Black Anodized Aluminum

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UTG, Leapers Inc. Ultra Slim M-Lok Angled Foregrip, Aluminum


Elevate your firearm's handling with the Leapers, Inc. UTG Ultra Slim M-Lok Angled Foregrip. Crafted for precision and comfort and constructed from aluminum, this foregrip is designed to be a lightweight, ergonomic solution for your firearm.

Feather-Light Construction for Effortless Maneuvering:
Experience the difference with the UTG Ultra Slim Angled Foregrip, meticulously constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum. This premium material not only ensures durability but keeps the foregrip feather-light. Enjoy enhanced control and maneuverability without compromising on strength. It's the perfect addition for those who appreciate a nimble and responsive firearm.

Sleek Aesthetics in Matte Black Anodized Finish:
Aesthetics meet functionality with the anodized matte black finish. The sleek design not only adds a touch of sophistication to your firearm but also provides a protective layer. The matte black anodized finish not only resists scratches and wear but also ensures your foregrip stands the test of time, maintaining its sleek appearance.

Ergonomic Excellence for Comfortable Handling:
Designed with your comfort in mind, the UTG Ultra Slim Angled Foregrip boasts an ergonomic profile. The angled design enhances your grip while the merged hand stop keeps your hand aligned and in control, even during rapid transitions and operation. This foregrip is all about practicality, ensuring that you can maintain control without added bulk. It's a subtle yet impactful addition to your firearm setup. This foregrip also features ridges and texturing for optimal grip.

Skeletonized M-Lok Compatible Design:
The UTG Ultra Slim Angled Foregrip is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your M-Lok system, providing a streamlined and unobtrusive solution. Enjoy improved handling without sacrificing the sleek look of your firearm.

Upgrade your firearm's control and comfort with the Leapers, Inc. UTG Ultra Slim Angled Foregrip. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a firearm enthusiast, this foregrip offers a lightweight, ergonomic, and slim solution that doesn't compromise on performance. Elevate your shooting experience with this precision-crafted accessory.


Brand: UTG, Leapers Inc.
Model: Ultra Slim M-Lok Angled Foregrip, Aluminum
Grip Type: Angled Grip, Handstop, Barrier Brace
Grip Texture: Grooved
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Attachment Type: M-Lok

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