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LR-308 12" Blind Box Handguard

Part Number: BLINDHG308-12
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LR-308 12" Blind Box Handguard

We Have Excess Of Amazing Handguards From A Variety Of Sources We Cannot Sell At Full Price So We Are Passing The Saving Onto You.
Handguards Do Have Barrel Nut and Mounting Hardware Included. These handguards are a mix of High and Low Profile handguards.

Q: What Is A Blindbox Handguard?
A: Handguards That Have Minor Scratches In Shipping , Used In Promotional Photoshoots , Returned Items “AKA Someone Bought The Wrong Size” Or It Is A Discontinued Style Or Last One On The Shelf. 

Q: Why Would You Want To Buy A Blindbox Item?
A: You Are Not A Gun Princess And Don't Mind A Minor Cosmetic Scratch Because You Train Hard With Your Tools. 
You Are Going To Cerakote It Anyway.
You Need To Finish Your Build On A Budget. 
You Want Back Up Parts 
You Like Surprises And Amazing Values 
You Need A Last Minute Gift And Don’t Want To Pay A Lot Of Money

Q: What styles are there?
A: All free float rails
A: Mix of, M-Lok, KeyMod, Quad-Rail, Smooth-Tube.
A: High Profile or Low Profile

Because We Sell Blindbox Items Below Cost , All Sales Are Final No Returns. Blindbox Items Include But Are Not Limited To, Scratch and Dent and/or Blemished. Items Images May Not Match The Website. Items Do Not Carry Any Warranty.

Note: Pictured Handguard is just an example of one style you might get.

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