If you're shopping for a new firearm, there are many facets to consider. Whether it is hunting, self-defense, or pure fun, there tends to be an optimal firearm for each situation. An AR-15 and the LR-308 are built quite similarly, but each rifle excels differently. The AR-15 offers more variety in calibers from Subsonic 300 Blackout to .50 Beowulf as well as having nearly unlimited ways to customize your firearm. It is adaptable to any user and their preference. The LR-308 on the other hand is more dominant in terminal ballistics when compared to the AR-15. This gives it a slight advantage to hunters. However, the market is much smaller as well as having less aftermarket accessories. One place you can find loads of LR-308 products is on our website! Check out the LR-308 Upper Builds that are now in stock!

Let us know if you prefer AR-15 or LR-308 and why!

Davidson Defense "Anteater" AR-15 Pistol Upper Receiver 7.5" 5.56 NATO 4150 CMV QPQ Nitride 1-7T Barrel 7" M-Lok Handguard (Assembled or Unassembled)

*Damaged in Transit* 17" Spitfire M-Lok AR-15 Handguard

United Defense AR-15 Finger Grooved Textured Pistol Grip

DTT Customs "Halcyon" LR-308 Featuring Aero Precision M5 Upper 20" 6.5 Creedmoor 4150 CMV QPQ Nitride 1-8T Barrel 17" High Profile M-Lok Handguard (Assembled or Unassembled)

Adaptive Tactical AR-15 EX Performance Adjustable Stock & Omega Mfg. Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Kit Combo

DTT Customs "Sabot" LR-308 Featuring Aero Precision M5 Upper 16" .308 Win 4150 CMV 1-10T Barrel 15" High Profile M-Lok Handguard (Assembled or Unassembled)

Recoil Technologies Ion Nitride LR-308 Bolt Carrier Group - .308 WIN/6.5 Creedmoor/.243 WIN


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Date 9/8/2021

Make sure you get all the parts because if the shipping department makes a mistake and you don’t catch the mistake within 48 hrs then you’re stuck paying for it. Shipping personnel are not held accountable so who knows? No penalty for mistakes = more mistakes.

Frank Glore

Date 9/26/2021 11:06:18 AM


Jennifer Gonzalez

Date 9/13/2021

I have had almost a year relationship with the good folks at DeltaTeamTactical and they have always shown great care with respect to customer service. I have on occasion been anxious to receive my goods however they have policies in place that ensure proper delivery of quality product. On more then a few occasions several customer reps. Went above and beyond. I'm not sure you called the same number as I Acl.

Adam c

Date 9/13/2021

I only need one email a day. I don't know whats up the last few days way too many emails. I love your products and service. Too many emails.

Derek Zandonella

Date 9/25/2021

I have done business with these guys a few times. Excellent customer service and products are awesome.

James Justice

Date 9/26/2021

Both would be nice to have.

Anna R Tillman

Date 9/30/2021

Delta Team Tactical has been my go to for a while now and customer service as well as quality products ROCK from Delta. Would LOOVVEE to win the Tuck45 ACP and do some of my own Rifle Bowling! Awesome Video Guys!

Donald Harris

Date 10/11/2021

I would just like to send a heartfelt thank you to all of you at Delta Team. Since I have found you guys I have spent hours trying to look at everything that you have to offer. During which time I have come across some of the most awesome products from very high quality barrels and bcg's that are at the top of the industry standard. Lots of times what I get in my order it's even better than what I was expecting. Hope to keep seeing some of the best products and prices in the country. Don H.

Leonard Polomski

Date 10/16/2021

Started to assemble my first 308 upper today after finally receiving my upper receiver block and barrel vise block rod. Looked up the torque value got the right tools now I'm trying to assemble and I can't find the barrel nut described by all the YouTube videos and parts diagrams. All I have found is a threaded device in the end of the M Lok handguard high-profile device. I ordered the Pente .308 WIN Upper kit which seems to have everything else. What am I missing?

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