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Magpul MOE Plus Pistol Grip AR-15 Rubber Overmold Enhanced Grip - Black (Excellent Feel & Grip)

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Magpul MOE Plus Pistol Grip AR-15 Rubber Overmold Enhanced Grip


Experience superior control and comfort in any environment with the Magpul MOE+ Grip. Designed to excel in adverse conditions, this grip combines reinforced polymer body construction with wrap-around rubber over-molding for maximum weapon control. Featuring a beavertail design and a built-in storage compartment, the Magpul MOE Plus grip delivers the best in comfort, performance, and convenience for your AR.

Reinforced Polymer with Rubber Overmolding:
The MOE+ Grip boasts a reinforced polymer body construction, ensuring durability and reliability in the field. Additionally, the wrap-around rubber overmolding provides a comfortable and secure grip, even in wet or slippery conditions. With the MOE+ Grip, maintain optimal control of your firearm for improved accuracy and performance. This grip is compatible with the AR-15, Ar-10, and LR-308 platforms.

Hard-Polymer Bottom Edge:
Equipped with a hard-polymer bottom edge, the MOE+ Grip minimizes the risk of equipment snags or grip damage during use. This feature enhances the grip's overall durability and functionality, allowing for smooth handling and operation of your firearm.

Integrated Storage Compartment:
Featuring a convenient storage compartment, the MOE+ Grip offers a practical solution for storing essential items such as batteries, CLP, and tools for your firearm. Keep your accessories organized and easily accessible, ensuring you're prepared for any situation on the range or in the field.

Why Choose Magpul MOE+ Grip?
For shooters seeking maximum weapon control and comfort in adverse environments, the Magpul MOE+ Grip is the perfect choice. Its combination of reinforced polymer construction, rubber overmolding, hard-polymer bottom edge, and integrated storage compartment makes it a versatile and practical upgrade for any AR rifle. Elevate your shooting experience with the Magpul MOE+ Grip – where durability meets comfort in an incredible pistol grip.


Brand: Magpul
Model: MOE Plus Pistol Grip AR-15 Rubber Overmold Enhanced Grip
Material: Polymer
Grip Texture: Rubber Coated
Beaver Tail: Yes
Storage Compartment: Yes
Color: Black

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