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NcSTAR Folding Vertical Foregrip for M-LOK, Black

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NcSTAR Folding Vertical Foregrip for M-LOK, Black


Unfold the power of a versatile folding vertical grip from NcSTAR!

Compact Capability:
The NcSTAR Folding Vertical Foregrip for M-LOK is designed to deliver unmatched versatility, catering to the ever-evolving needs of shooters. Its most striking feature is the folding mechanism that seamlessly transitions between a vertical grip and a horizontal, flat position. When you need it, lock it into a vertical position for enhanced control and stability. When you don't, fold it flat to maintain a compact profile, perfect for storage and transportation.

Durable Construction:
Crafted from robust polymer, this foregrip is engineered for endurance. The durable construction ensures it can withstand the toughest of conditions while remaining feather-light, making it a steadfast companion on any mission. The stippled rubber over mold adds an extra layer of confidence to your grip, making wet or high-stress situations seem like training exercises. No matter the environment, this foregrip guarantees a secure hold.

M-LOK Compatibility:
Adaptability is key in the world of tactical gear, and the NcSTAR Folding Vertical Foregrip excels in this aspect. Equipped with the M-LOK mounting system, it seamlessly integrates with a wide array of firearms, enhancing your shooting experience. The beauty of M-LOK lies in its simplicity, allowing you to swiftly attach and detach accessories with minimal effort. Whether you're using it on rifles, shotguns, or even pistols, this foregrip ensures compatibility without compromise.

Master Your Firearm:
Adding a foregrip to your firearm results in reduced recoil, heightened control, and improved accuracy. The foregrip assists in mitigating recoil, providing a more comfortable shooting experience while enhancing your control over the weapon - especially during rapid fire, ensuring your shots stay on target. Additionally, the vertical grip aids in precise target indexing, allowing for quicker and more accurate shots.

Why Buy the NcSTAR Folding M-LOK Vertical Grip?
The NcSTAR Folding Vertical Foregrip for M-LOK redefines versatility and durability with its folding capabilities, robust polymer construction, M-LOK compatibility, and increased control over your firearm. Take your shooting to the next level and make every shot count with this incredible foregrip.


Brand: NcSTAR
Model: Folding Vertical Foregrip for M-LOK, Black
Grip Type: Vertical Grip
Grip Texture: Stippled, Rubberized
Material: Polymer
Color: Black
Attachment Type: M-Lok

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