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Northtac MM3 3x Flip-to-Side Magnifier

Part Number: OP-15337
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Northtac MM3 3x Flip-to-Side Magnifier

Magnifiers were created for use alongside Red Dot Sights and Holographic sights. Due to the nature of Red Dots and Holographic sights not typically providing any form of magnification, shooters wished to use a system to take advantage of the Red Dot Sight and Holographics close range performance, and still be able to provide accurate fire in longer-range scenarios. Hence the magnifier was created for use in tandem with optical collimator sights to add the added benefit of being able to use a red dot out to a greater effective range, at only the cost of weight.

About this Sight System: The Northtac MM3 is equipped with 3X magnification and adds versatility to any Northtac optic. The premium lenses offer a crisp sight picture with optimal eye relief. Complete with turret adjustment to center the red dot and a fine focus ring the user can easily engage targets even further than before. The magnifier out the box will work with any Lower 1/3 Co-Witness height optic and mounts to any Picatinny style rail. The canted locking feature easily allows for the user to engage or disengage the magnifier by locking it to the side or back in place.

Magnification: This Magnifier is to be used alongside a Red Dot Sight or Holographic sight, and has a 3x power magnification.

Eye Relief: This magnifier has a Forgiving eye box.

Brand: Northtac
Optic Type: Magnifier
Magnification: 3
Illumination: No

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