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Omega Manufacturing A2 Style AR Fixed Stock - Black

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Omega Manufacturing A2 Style AR Fixed Stock - Black


Enrich your AR-15's classic appeal and stability with the Omega Manufacturing A2 Style Fixed Stock. Crafted in sleek black, this stock offers timeless reliability and comfort, perfect for shooters who appreciate traditional design with modern durability.

Step into the realm of traditional AR aesthetics with the Omega Manufacturing A2 Style AR Fixed Stock in sleek black. Crafted for durability and functionality, this fixed stock embodies the essence of classic firearms design, ideal for enthusiasts and purists alike. Made from high-quality materials, it provides rugged performance and stability on your AR platform, improving both comfort and control during shooting sessions.

Built to Last, Designed for Comfort:
The Omega A2 Style Fixed Stock features a robust construction that grants longevity under demanding conditions. Its ergonomic design promotes a natural shooting position, reducing fatigue and improving shooting accuracy over extended periods. Compatible with Mil-Spec buffer tubes, it provides a secure fit that improves firearm stability, making it a preferred choice for precision shooting and tactical applications.

Enhance Your Shooting Experience:
Designed with simplicity and reliability in mind, the A2 Style Fixed Stock from Omega Manufacturing offers straightforward installation and operation. Its no-frills approach delivers consistent performance without compromising on quality or functionality. Whether you're upgrading an existing rifle or assembling a new build, this stock provides a seamless integration that complements the timeless appeal of the AR platform.

Why Choose the Omega A2 Style Fixed Stock?
Choosing the Omega A2 Style Fixed Stock means embracing a legacy of proven reliability and functionality. Ideal for shooters seeking a traditional look and feel, it blends classic design with modern manufacturing standards to deliver a stock that stands the test of time. Improve your AR rifle with the Omega A2 Style Fixed Stock and experience increased shooting comfort, control, and durability with every shot.


Brand: Omega Manufacturing
Model: A2 Style AR Fixed Stock - Black
Style: Rifle Stock
Material: Glass Filled Polymer
Sling Mount: No
Buffer Tube Compatibility: Mil-Spec
Adjustible: Fixed
Color: Black

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