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Polymer80 PF320 Compact Black Nitride Barrel

Part Number: B9MM-NTSG-37920
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Polymer80 Barrel, PF320, Compact, Black Nitride


Building out your first Sig P320 or swapping out for a new barrel, then checkout the Polymer 80 PF320 compact barrel! From the engineers over at P80, the PF320 barrel was developed with the word sleek in mind. The barrel features the signature P80 logo and a edged corner of the barrel that adds a unique look to contrast itself from the slide. Built to last, and more importantly built to shoot, these barrels aim for the target and hit their mark, offering the standard Sig P320 a cosmetic boost while not loosing any of the reliability of the trusted base handgun.

Polymer 80 has always stood being the quality of their products and have prided themselves on helping flame the second amendment spirit in every customer they interact with. Their barrels also make a statement, while stylish they are still made of the same 416R stainless steel with a nitride finish that help keep the barrel shining and strong for years to come, quality and precision are the name of the game. The PF320 barrel should be your next barrel in your Sig P320 Compact handgun!


Brand: Polymer80
Model: Barrel, PF320, Compact, Black Nitride
Model Compatibility: P320 Compact
Gen Compatibility: Compact
Caliber: 9mm (9x19)
Material: 416R Stainless
Finish: Black Nitride
Threaded: No

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