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Polymer80 RL556V3 AR-15 80% Blank Lower - Black

Part Number: BLNK-86641
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Polymer80 Polymer80, 80% BK556v3 Blank, Rhino, Black


In the Polymer corner, Introducing the BK556v3 Blank by Polymer80!!! Crafted from high-quality polymer, the BK556v3 Black offers a significant advantage with its lightweight construction, making it an ideal choice for those seeking enhanced maneuverability without taking unnecessary risks on performance. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a first-time buyer, this innovative polymer lower receiver provides an ergonomic and comfortable shooting experience.Polymer80 has pushed the boundaries of innovation, creating a lower receiver that surpasses traditional aluminum counterparts in terms of weight conservation. Say goodbye to unnecessary bulk and hello to the future of firearm components. Polymer is a growing trend within the firearm community. Not only does the BK556v3 Black offer a featherlight design, but it is also built to withstand the harshest conditions. The durable nature of polymer ensures that the lower receiver is built to last, allowing you to confidently take on any challenge, whether in the range or in the field, knowing that you are in safe hands.
With its easy-to-assemble components, the BK556v3 Black is perfect for DIY firearm enthusiasts and professionals. Why compromise on quality in exchange for maneuverability? This polymer lower receiver guarantees a seamless fit and exceptional performance, all while keeping the weight to a minimum.
Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing firearm or build a new one from scratch, the Polymer80 - BK556v3 Black is the ultimate choice for those who demand peak performance and durability without added weight. Shop now and elevate your shooting experience with Delta Team Tactical!


Brand: Polymer80
Model: Polymer80, 80% BK556v3 Blank, Rhino, Black
Material: Polymer
Color: Black
Finish: Polymer
Jig Included: No
Bits Included: No
Magazine Specific: AR-15
Caliber Specific: AR-15
Restricted States: Yes

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