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JE Machine Quick Adjust Convertible 1 or 2 Point Sling with Metal Hooks - Black

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JE Machine Quick Detach Convertible 1 Pt 2 Pt Sling With Metal Hooks - Black


Shoot like a pro with an incredible single/dual point convertible QD sling from JE Machine!

The JE Machine Quick Detach Convertible Single / Dual Point Sling in black is the ultimate addition to your collection. Whether you need a sling to help you carry your firearm on long hunting trips or to allow for easier and more rapid operation, the JE Machine Tan Sling is perfect for you. It features a convertible design that can switch between one or two-point configurations and quick detach para clips that help you adapt to any situation. This sling is great for hunting trips, improving your tactical abilities, steadying your aim, or just making for a more comfortable experience.

Ultimate Strength:
Crafted from high-strength 1.25" nylon webbing, it offers exceptional comfort without compromising on durability. The use of hardened steel fasteners and heavy-duty polymer adjustment points ensures that this sling can withstand the harshest conditions, from rugged outdoor adventures to intense competition shooting.

Adaptability at its Finest:
The JE Machine Sling is designed to be your ultimate companion, allowing you to seamlessly switch between single and dual-point configurations to adapt to your shooting style. With its adjustable length and adaptable configurations, this sling will make for a powerful addition to your setup. Whether you're navigating tight corners, transitioning to your sidearm, or simply needing a free hand, this sling has you covered. An additional benefit of slings such as this one is that they also provide a crucial third point of contact with your body, which greatly helps in steadying your firearm and boosting your speed, accuracy, and overall comfort.

Rapid Adjustments:
Featuring an adjustment loop that allows you to rapidly tighten or loosen your sling as well as a symmetrical para-clip, this sling makes sure you can make quick adjustments in no time and ensure that not a second is wasted. With an intuitive design and easy operation clips, you can be sure that you can handle any scenario and function in intense scenarios.

Why Buy the JE Machine Quick Detach Convertible 1 Pt 2 Pt Sling?
With its quick detach para clips, convertible design, and high-strength nylon webbing, this sling will complete your setup and help you perform at your best. Whether you need a sling for carrying your firearm or to help stabilize it, you'll find that the JE Machine Convertible Sling adapts to your needs effortlessly.


Brand: JE Machine
Model: Quick Detach Convertible 1 Pt 2 Pt Sling With Metal Hooks - Black
Color: Black
Bungee: No
Points of Contact: 3

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