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Rapala DT Series Dives-To 10 Demon Fishing Lure

Part Number: LURE-38170
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Rapala DT Series Dives-To 10 Demon Fishing Lure

Artisan bass angler Mike Ike Iaconelli has offered his unique talents to assist in the development of this masterpiece series of lures. 
Ike used to giving baits my own personal touch, tweaking them. Now those oh-so-special modifications come right out-of-the-box from Rapala. There are three key traits: first, its their purposefully muted colors. Ike used to bake them in the sun on his trucks dashboard to get that life-like, muted skin tone. The subtler colors can be unbelievably effective when bass aren't attacking conventional patterns. Next, Ike had Rapala polish the finishes like the translucent candy apple red on a 57 Chevy for a natural, pearly finish. For the third pivotal ingredient, Ike went super sparkly with glitter. Not just any glitter, but super fine sprinkles that actually a DTT depth to the appearance of the lure. One of Ike's secrets is all about using something different, something unique to catch more fish. Ike's Custom Ink DTs are all that and more. 

Classic DT Lure Actions 
Muted Body Colors 
Translucent Pearly Finish 
Super Fine Glitter 
Preset Diving Depths 
Black Nickel VMC Hooks 
Hand Tuned & Tank Tested

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