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RDS Combos: Omega Manufacturing Rapid Transition Offset Polymer Sight Set + Swampfox Optics Liberator Green Dot Sight 1x22

Part Number: CO-35117
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RDS Combos:
+Omega Manufacturing Rapid Transition Offset Polymer Sight Set
+Swampfox Optics Liberator Green Dot Sight 1x22
Enhance your shooting precision and versatility with the Omega Manufacturing Rapid Transition Offset Polymer/Aluminum Sight Set. This high-quality sight set is designed to provide quick and seamless transitions between magnified optics and close-quarters engagements. Crafted with a combination of durable polymer and lightweight aluminum, these sights offer a perfect balance of strength and weight savings.

Omega Manufacturing Rapid Transition Offset Polymer Sight Set

The Rapid Transition Offset Sight Set features a unique offset design, allowing you to maintain a primary optic on your firearm while quickly accessing the backup sights. This setup ensures that you are always prepared for any situation, whether it's long-range precision shooting or engaging targets at close proximity.

The polymer construction of these sights makes them lightweight and resistant to harsh environmental conditions, while the aluminum components provide added durability and stability. The sight set is precision-engineered to deliver reliable and consistent performance, even in demanding shooting scenarios.

About this Sight System: These sights are offset to the 1 O'clock position for use alongside an optic, these sights are fixed sights, with adjustments for wind and elevation.

This front sight is winged/hooded on its sides to protect the sight post from rough use and harsh conditions in the field.

The rear sight is winged/hooded to protect the rear aperture and adjustment dials on the sight's main housing from rough use and hard environmental conditions.

Construction: Polymer - This sight system is constructed from a high-strength reinforced polymer blend improving impact resistance and reducing glare.

Swampfox Optics Liberator Green Dot Sight 1x22

Complementing the Rapid Transition Offset Sight Set is the Swampfox Optics Liberator Green Dot Sight. Engineered for speed and precision, this 1x22 compact sight provides a crisp and clear aiming point. The green dot reticle offers excellent visibility in various lighting conditions, allowing for quick target acquisition and improved accuracy. With its unlimited eye relief and parallax-free design, you can confidently shoot with both eyes open, maintaining situational awareness while engaging your target. The Liberator's durable construction and shockproof design make it suitable for demanding environments, ensuring reliable performance shot after shot.

About this Sight System: The Liberator is a super-compact, highly accurate Point-of-Aim Green Dot Sight. A clear 1X magnification with three bright reticle options allows for lightning-fast sight picture acquisition with both eyes open. Lightweight but tough, it is engineered to withstand 800 G's of impact. It is waterproof, fog resistant, and features a silver lens coating.

Magnification: This is a Non-Magnified Gunsight and has a true 1x sight picture.

Illumination: The Swampfox Liberator uses a high-contrast Green illumination.

Reticle Type: The Liberator uses a 2 MOA Dot, with a 65 MOA Crosshair dot.

Battery Type: The Liberator uses a CR2032 cell battery

Eye Relief: Due to the nature of reflex sights, there is nearly unlimited eye relief with this style of the optic.

Brand: Swampfox
Optic Type: Red Dot
Model: Liberator Green Dot Sight 1x22
Magnification: 1x
Illumination: Yes
Illumination Color: Green
Battery Type: CR2032
Lens Diameter: 22mm
MOA-Adjustments: 1-MOA Click
Reticle: Dot
Turrets: Capped
Max Elevation Adjustment: 45 MOA
Max Windage Adjustment: 45 MOA 

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