1. Recoil Technologies Complete Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit (LPK)

Recoil Technologies Complete Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit (LPK)

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Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit


A rugged mil-spec LPK that will outperform and exceed your expectations!

Create the perfect lower with the Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec AR-15 LPK. This complete Lower Parts Kit (LPK) includes everything you need to build out your lower, ensuring optimal functionality and compatibility with any mil-spec lower, as well as many aftermarket and custom lowers. Whether you're using an AR for home defense, as a range gun, or in a competition, this lower parts kit will satisfy your needs.

Comprehensive Kit for Complete Lower Customization:
The Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec AR-15 LPK is a comprehensive solution, providing all essential components for your lower build (minus the buffer assembly). This kit includes a grip, safety selector group, fire control group, magazine release, bolt-catch, takedown pins, and detents – everything required for the start to a phenomenal lower assembly. Whether you're assembling a new lower or maintaining an existing one, this kit ensures that you have all the necessary parts for a seamless build or quick repairs.

Mil-Spec Design for Universal Compatibility:
Crafted to mil-spec standards, the Recoil Technologies AR-15 LPK guarantees universal compatibility with any mil-spec lower receiver. Additionally, its design extends compatibility to many aftermarket and custom lowers, providing versatility for builders seeking customization options. Rest assured that whether you're using a standard lower or a specialized one, this LPK will fit perfectly, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Perfect for Building, Upgrading, or Keeping for Spare Parts:
Whether you're building out a lower from scratch or keeping spare parts on hand for future maintenance, the Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec AR-15 LPK is the ideal choice. Its comprehensive nature ensures that you have all the necessary components readily available, streamlining the assembly process and minimizing downtime. With this LPK in your arsenal, you can tackle lower builds with confidence and have peace of mind knowing that spare parts are readily available, just in case.

Why Choose the Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec AR-15 LPK?
For builders and enthusiasts seeking performance, reliability, and convenience, the Recoil Technologies Mil-Spec AR-15 LPK stands out as the ultimate solution. Its comprehensive kit, mil-spec design, and universal compatibility make it the go-to choice for lower builds and spare parts provisioning. Upgrade your lower assembly process with the Recoil Technologies LPK and experience the ease and efficiency of a complete and reliable parts kit.


Brand: Recoil Technologies
Model: Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit
Platform: AR-15
Includes FCG: Yes
Includes Grip: Yes
Grip Model: Mil-Spec A2 Grip
Grip Color: Black
Full Auto Compatible: No
Restricted States: No
Weight: .505 Lbs

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