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Red Dot + Flip Up Sight Combo: MVR Reflex Sight Dual Colors Red/Green + Polymer Flip Up Sight Set

Part Number: CO-84673
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Red Dot + Flip Up Sight Combo:
+MVR Reflex Sight Dual Colors Red/Green
+Polymer Flip Up Sight Set

About this Sight System: The Northtac MVR Reflex Sight has been carefully designed to function in extreme weather conditions. It has 4 adjustable reticles and 2 color settings to help you get on target. This incredibly durable sight can withstand 1000 g-force up to .375 H&H Magnum. The glass features a multi-lens coating for maximum clarity. It securely mounts to any 1913 rail.

Magnification: This Red Dot has a magnification setting of 1x power.

Illumination: Red, Green

Reticle Type: Mil-Dot

Eye Relief: This red dot has unlimited eye relief.

For the modern marksman, an optic is prevalently found on AR-15 pattern rifles. However, nothing beats having a true set of backup sights or even a general-purpose pair of sights! Now modern iron sights come in different designs and styles, low profile, flip-up, polymer, steel, and some with adjustable apertures. Iron sights are a must-have for any situation with your rifle or pistol!

About this Sight System: This sight set is a Flip-Up rail-mounted pair of sights, featuring polymer construction, and a sturdy front and rear post to retain zero.

Front Sight: This front sight is winged/hooded on its sides to protect the sight post from rough use and harsh conditions in the field.

Rear Sight: The rear sight is winged/hooded to protect the rear aperture and adjustment dials on the sight's main housing from rough use and hard environmental conditions.

Flip-Up: Spring Loaded - The Trinity Force sights use a spring assisted deployment solution to properly engage and align the sights when needed for use.

Construction: Polymer - This sight system is constructed from a high-strength reinforced polymer blend improving impact resistance and reducing glare.

Rear Aperture: This sight features a 2 position aperture, both a wide-angle and peep sight aperture. The Wide-angle aperture is used for faster target acquisition and closer quarters. The peep sight aperture is for greater precision at longer ranges.

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