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Ruger Security-9 Semi-Auto Pistol, 9MM, 4" Barrel, Elite Coyote

Part Number: S-GUN-92303
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Ruger 3826 Security-9 Semi-Auto Pistol, 9MM, 4" Barrel, Elite Coyote

Experience the Ruger Security-9, a reliable and versatile semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm. This Elite Coyote variant of the Security-9 combines rugged durability with a striking finish, making it a standout choice for shooters looking for both functionality and aesthetics.

With its 4-inch barrel length, the Ruger Security-9 offers a balance of maneuverability and accuracy, making it suitable for a wide range of shooting applications. Whether you're engaging targets at the range or relying on it for self-defense, the Security-9 is designed to deliver consistent performance.

The Elite Coyote finish on the Ruger Security-9 not only adds a unique touch to the pistol's appearance but also provides enhanced durability. This special coating helps protect the firearm against the elements, ensuring it can withstand the demands of regular use.

One of the standout features of the Security-9 is its capacity. It comes with a generous 15-round magazine, allowing you to have ample rounds at your disposal for extended shooting sessions or self-defense scenarios. The magazine is easy to load and features a reliable feeding mechanism for smooth operation.

The Ruger Security-9 incorporates a variety of safety features to ensure safe handling. It features an integrated trigger safety, a manual thumb safety, and a visual loaded chamber indicator, providing multiple layers of protection and peace of mind.

The ergonomics of the Security-9 are designed with user comfort in mind. It features textured grips for a secure hold and easy control, allowing you to maintain a firm grasp even during rapid-fire sequences. The pistol also has an accessory rail that enables you to attach lights or lasers for improved target acquisition and low-light performance.

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or new to the world of handguns, the Ruger Security-9 in 9mm with its Elite Coyote finish is a reliable and stylish choice. Its combination of durability, capacity, and user-friendly features make it a versatile option for both recreational shooting and personal protection.

Brand: Ruger
Model: 3826 Security-9 Semi-Auto Pistol, 9MM, 4" Barrel, Elite Coyote
Color: Coyote Brown
Number of Magazines: 2
Capacity: 15+1
Action: Striker Fired
Sights: Drift Adjustable
Barrel Finish: Blued
Barrel Length: 4
Slide Finish: Coyote Brown Cerakote
Frame Construction: Polymer
Frame Finish: Glass-Filled Nylon
Manual Safety: Yes
Magazine Type: Double Stack
Size Class: Compact
Condition: New
Classification: Pistol
Restricted States: Yes
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