Last Updated: 02/24/2021

Estimated fulfillment times for the following product types*:

  • Miscellaneous Parts/Pre-Assembled Uppers: 3-6 Business Days
  • Unassembled Uppers/Build Kits: 20-23 Business Days
  • Assembled Uppers: 25-27 Business Days**
  • FFL Assembled Lowers: 12-17 Business Days 
  • FFL Unassembled Lowers: 10-14 Business Days 
-Due to high demand and the circumstances of 2020, some of our suppliers have encountered delays in shipping certain products to us. Some items MAY be on backorder. We are shipping orders immediately after the shipment arrives and fulfilling orders in the order they are received. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
-The majority of our items are NOT ON BACKORDER. Our inventory is still strong, but there are a couple of items that are being received at a slower rate than promised. These items are being received daily and orders will be fulfilled as quickly as possible and in the order that they are placed.
-These circumstances are affecting the entire firearms industry, however, we have assurances from our suppliers that these products ARE coming in and Delta Team Tactical has priority on the products being produced. 
-If an item on your order is backordered, the rest of your items will be reserved for you. We will either wait for the incoming item before sending your order or we will send it immediately and send the backordered product once it arrives. 
-In the rare case that a product is unintentionally oversold and we are unsure when or if the product will come back in stock, you will be contacted by one of our representatives for either a product substitution or your money back.

† Please be aware that the ship times for ALL serialized products do NOT start until we receive a copy of the FFL we are shipping it to.

*These are estimated times, DTT offers no guarantee on ship times, all times are subject to change without notice.  Expect longer lead times during peak/holiday seasons. Larger orders may result in shipping delays.

**Assembled Uppers are all built to order.

***ASSEMBLE and TEST FIRING - Test firing happens once a week - Tuesdays. Please get your order in before Saturday if you would like it test fired the following Tuesday. If it is after that, your order will be test fired the following week. We will put 3 rounds through each upper at 100 yards to check functionality. If for any reason it is not functioning properly, we will repair them and re-test fire on Thursday.***

Your entire order will ship together so please refer to the longest lead time to line up with the product types of that order. 

We CANNOT add items to orders once they are placed, we can remove items, depending on the order and the number of orders we have in queue. This is subject to change at anytime. 

If you want parts to ship separately, you will need to purchase them on separate transactions.

Orders cannot be combined or added to once the order is complete.

For any questions or to check your order status please submit a ticket HERE, or click on the support chat at the bottom right of the page. Please include your order number as this speeds up the response time.  

If you do not include your email at checkout, you will NOT receive email shipping updates.

Flat Rate shipping $9.99, shipping is free on orders over $120 in the Contiguous United States ONLY. Orders to be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or anywhere outside of the United States may be charged additional shipping fees.  Some special blowout sale items can also negate free shipping regardless of order amount.  This information will be specified in the product listing. Some shipping codes may not be compatible with free shipping.
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