When you hear the term ‘Space Gun’ you might be a bit confused as to what they actually are. We refer to our builds where the handguard completely covers the barrel and the muzzle device as Space Guns. These builds are out of this world and you will love them so much you’ll be seeing stars. The handguard stretches across the barrel and muzzle device, much like the milky way stretches across our sky. Space is endless and you will find there is an endless amount of space to put accessories on the handguard. You will stand out like a shooting star when you add these Upper Builds to your firearm and you are sure to get lots of comets on them. These builds will crater to your every whim and are bound to rocket to popularity. These Space Guns are beyond cool so get yours today. Make sure to let us know whether or not you still believe Pluto is a planet. Until next time, see you crater, space invaders!


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thaddeus curtis

Date 5/26/2022

i do not believe there are planets period...


Date 6/13/2022

Hoping to get it

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