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Standard AR-15 Carbine Recoil Spring - Made In The USA

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Standard AR-15 Carbine Recoil Spring
Made In The USA

The Carbine Buffer Spring is a high-quality replacement spring for the AR15/M4 family of weapons with carbine receiver extensions and buffers. This stainless steel spring will perform reliably in any properly configured and maintained AR-15 carbine rifle or pistol. Made of the finest spring steel rated for 20,000+ rounds

The AR-15/M-16 rifle, as do all self-loading rifles, needs a recoil spring to cycle the action. Due to the lightweight design of the AR, the spring also requires a buffer or extra weight. The earliest buffers were simply plastic tubes that rode inside the tube and in front of the buffer spring and gave the spring a bearing surface against which to work on the carrier and bolt. The carrier and bolt, blown off of the gas tube by the gases, cycle back into the buffer tube inside the stock, compressing the buffer spring. Once the energy of that action has been absorbed by the springs’ compression, the spring then uses the stored energy to push the buffer, carrier, and bolt back forward.

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