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Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop - FDE

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Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop - FDE


Level up your grip game with the Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop in FDE. This sleek and durable accessory anchors your shooting experience with precision and style, helping every shot hit its mark effortlessly.

Showcasing the Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop in FDE, a versatile accessory designed to optimize your shooting experience. Crafted from durable polymer, this hand stop features a grooved texture that increases grip, providing a secure hold in various shooting conditions. Its innovative design serves dual purposes as a hand stop and barrier brace, providing stability during rapid firing sequences or when bracing against obstacles. Compatible with M-Lok mounting systems, it offers straightforward installation and seamless integration into your firearm setup, empowering you with increased control and maneuverability
Versatile Utility for Tactical Advantage:
Engineered for versatility, the LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop excels in both tactical and practical applications. Whether used as a forward hand stop to prevent over-extension or as a barrier brace for increased stability, it adapts to diverse shooting scenarios with ease. The grooved texture improves tactile feedback, promoting comfortable handling and reducing fatigue during extended use. Ideal for rifle configurations where control and precision are paramount, this hand stop/barrier brace combo helps you maintain optimal performance in dynamic environments.

Durable Performance in Every Shot:
Built to withstand the rigors of intensive use, the Strike Industries LINK Anchor Hand Stop is crafted from robust polymer, providing long-term durability without adding unnecessary weight. Its FDE (Flat Dark Earth) color not only complements tactical aesthetics but also provides low visibility in certain environments. The M-Lok attachment system facilitates quick and secure mounting on compatible rails, allowing you to customize your firearm setup effortlessly. Improve your shooting platform with a reliable hand stop that combines practical functionality with rugged durability for consistent performance.

Why Choose the Strike Industries LINK Anchor Hand Stop?
Choose the Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop for its dual functionality, ergonomic design, and durable polymer construction. Whether you're improving control during rapid fire or stabilizing against barriers, this accessory delivers performance and reliability. Designed with the shooter in mind, it offers intuitive handling and comfort, making it an essential addition to your tactical gear. Elevate your shooting experience with a hand stop that prioritizes functionality, durability, and versatility, helping you maintain control and precision in each shot.


Brand: Strike Industries
Model: LINK Anchor Polymer Hand Stop - FDE
Grip Type: Handstop, Barrier Brace
Grip Texture: Grooved
Material: Polymer
Color: FDE
Attachment Type: M-Lok

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