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Sylvan Arms Gen 3 AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter

Part Number: 36799
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Sylvan Arms Gen 3 AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter


Sylvan Arms Gen 3 AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter

Fold out and Lock on to your next must-have AR accessory. The Sylvan Arms Gen 3 AR Folding Stock Adapter gives you the ability to take a standard AR-15 or LR-308 and fold your stock to the side for travel, storage, and other times you need to have a compact and reliable package.

Installation of the Sylvan Arms Folding Stock Adapter is made easy, as you only need an armorers wrench! Simply remove your current buffer tube system and screw in your Sylvan Arms adapter, then attach the Sylvan Arms Plug that comes included with the adapter kit (9mm/10mm/40cal adapter sold separately), attach your same buffer tube and buffer system you were using on the rifle before, slide on the stock and you're ready to rock and roll!

Using the Sylvan Arms Adapter system is also a breeze, simply depress the button located on the right side of the adapter, and the buffer tube and stock fold over the left side of the rifle. When you need to fire the rifle, you fold it back into place and hear a nice, loud click that lets you know your rifle is ready to go!

So stop wondering if your truck gun or backpacking gun is going to fit, and grab one of these adapters today!


Brand: Sylvan Arms
Model: Gen 3 AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter
Color: Black

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