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Taurus G3C, 9mm Semi-Automatic Handgun - Three 12 Round magazines

Part Number: S-GUN-12639
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Taurus G3C, 9mm Semi-Automatic Handgun - Three 12 Round magazines

Introducing the Taurus G3C 9mm Semi-Automatic Handgun, a compact and reliable firearm designed for self-defense and everyday carry. Built upon the successful G3 platform, the G3C offers a host of features in a more compact package. With its three 12-round magazines, this handgun ensures you have an ample supply of ammunition at your disposal.

The G3C features a polymer frame with an ergonomic grip design, providing a comfortable and secure hold for enhanced control and accuracy. Its compact size and reduced dimensions make it easy to conceal, while still offering a comfortable shooting experience. The Taurus G3C is chambered in 9mm, a widely available and popular caliber known for its manageable recoil and effective stopping power.

One of the notable features of the G3C is its three 12-round magazines. With a total capacity of 12+1 rounds, you can confidently tackle a range of shooting situations without the need for frequent reloads. The magazines are designed for reliable feeding and easy loading, ensuring smooth and consistent operation.

The Taurus G3C incorporates a striker-fired action, providing a consistent trigger pull and a crisp break. Its manual safety and integrated trigger safety offer added peace of mind, allowing for secure carry and preventing accidental discharges. The pistol also features a visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator, allowing you to quickly verify the firearm's status.

Equipped with white dot sights, the G3C offers a clear sight picture for quick and precise target acquisition. The rear sight is adjustable, allowing you to customize the pistol's point of aim to your preference or shooting conditions. The G3C also features front and rear slide serrations, enabling easy manipulation of the slide for effortless slide racking and enhanced weapon handling.

In conclusion, the Taurus G3C 9mm Semi-Automatic Handgun is a reliable and compact firearm suitable for self-defense and everyday carry. With its three 12-round magazines, ergonomic grip, and user-friendly features, it offers excellent versatility and convenience. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a first-time gun owner, the G3C provides a reliable and capable option for personal protection.

Brand: Taurus
Model: G3C
Color: Black
Number of Magazines: 3
Capacity: 12
Action: Single action with restrike
Sights: Fixed front sight, drift adjustable rear sight
Barrel Finish: Matte Stainless
Barrel Length: 3.20 inch
Slide Finish: Tenifer Matte Black
Frame Construction: Polymer
Frame Finish: Black Polymer
Manual Safety: Yes
Magazine Type: Double Stack
Size Class: Compact
Rails: Front accessory Rail
Condition: New
Classification: Pistol
Restricted States: Yes
Country of Origin: Brazil
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