Top 5 Easy upgrades for your AR-15

A list of quick and easy upgrades to customize your AR-15.

If you’ve shot an AR-15 you know that there are some useful upgrades to make it a more comfortable, accurate and fun shooting experience. Customizing your AR-15 by upgrading a few parts can make a world of difference. Upgrading your AR-15 doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, especially when we have compiled a list of simple, easy ways to upgrade your build.

Grips are a simple component that can play a big role in your comfort while shooting. It is hard to shoot accurately when you can't get a firm, secure grip. Providing your hands with a comfortable, steady grip while shooting can help add stability and improve accuracy.  There are different types of grips available for your AR-15, including pistol grips and front grips.  

Grips are also a great way to switch things up on your AR-15 by adding a visual aspect. You can find grips that are ergonomically comfortable and/or add character to your build. The great part is grips are quick and easy to switch out! Click here to find options on grips! 

For help on installing a new pistol grip, visit our blog, How to Install a Pistol Grip here.

Safety is one of the most important components of shooting. Having a functional safety selector will ensure that your firearm can be transported and handled safely. Switching out your safety selector to an ambidextrous one is a simple switch that can make a big difference for you. This will give you more versatility in which hand you want to use to toggle your safety selector. It's also a great upgrade for left handed shooters. They're easy to install and typically not to expensive. Browse several safety selector options here

Switching out your muzzle brake can have a big impact on your shooting. They help with speed, accuracy, and help reduce recoil as well. 

Muzzle devices are responsible for reducing the recoil so that your barrel stays steady while shooting. They do this by redirecting the gas that is expelled from the barrel after the bullet, pushing the gas out of vents on the muzzle device, reducing muzzle climb and recoil.

In addition to improving the quality of your shooting, muzzle devices can also offer an aesthetic element to your AR-15. There are muzzle devices with different purposes as well as lengths. Be sure to keep that in mine when shopping for your new muzzle device. Click here to find muzzle devices.

If you're looking for more comfort while shooting, upgrading your stock is a great way to achieve that. Stocks can help absorb some of the shock felt from any kickback while shooting.

This is a very common AR-15 upgrade and you will find a lot of variety while choosing a stock. When selecting a stock, be sure to keep your firearm’s intended purpose in mind.  Browse stocks here.

The charging handle has several important roles that it is not something you want to overlook while customizing your AR-15. The charging handle is responsible for moving the bolt carrier back which makes the gun ready to shoot. By moving the bolt carrier back and opening the breech, unfired rounds and shells can be ejected, as well as making it possible to check for any blockage or problems.

Ambidextrous charging handles are among the most popular AR-15 upgrades. These charging handles allow left handed shooters as well as right handed shooters to comfortably charge their gun. This type of charging handle provides greater versatility to any shooter. You can find ambidextrous charging handles here.

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