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Trigger Upgrade Kit: CMMG Lower Parts Kit, AR-15, Gunbuilder's Kit + Spike's Tactical AR-15 Pro Grip Polymer Matte Black + James Madison Tactical Saber Single Stage Drop-in Trigger

Part Number: CO-84599
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Trigger Upgrade Kit:
+CMMG Lower Parts Kit, AR-15, Gunbuilder's Kit
+Spike's Tactical AR-15 Pro Grip Polymer Matte Black
+James Madison Tactical Saber Single Stage Drop-in Trigger

General Info: Lower Parts Kits include all of the small bits & pieces needed to make your AR-15 Lower fully functional. Such as the mag release, take-down pins, selector, trigger guard, bolt catch, buffer retainer, roll-pins, detents, and small springs are included to allow completion. This CMMG Lower Parts Kit contains all of the necessary pieces needed to complete your build EXCEPT the trigger and components that go along with them. You can find triggers & fire control groups (HERE [https://www.deltateamtactical.com/gun-triggers.html])

Brand: The CMMG Lower Parts, Gun Builders Kit is produced by CMMG [https://www.deltateamtactical.com/cmmg-inc.html] with high-quality steel & brass components.

Brand Info: CMMG was established in 2002, when John, Jeff, Gretchen, and Stephanie Overstreet decided to create a quality AR rifle that can be afforded by everyone. Since that time, things have continued to get better and better. Although the nature of our business continues to evolve, one thing does not-our commitment to meet each and every morning to pray for God's wisdom in managing the enormous responsibility that comes with this business. CMMG is constantly looking for new ways to improve our products, processes, and company at large. Both our customer service and product lineup continue to be second to none, and all of our rifles and firearms parts are made in the United States from the best materials available.

Platform: Commercial AR-15

FCG Included: The CMMG Lower Parts, Gun Builders Kit does NOT come with a hammer, hammer spring, trigger, trigger spring, disconnector, disconnector spring, or hammer & trigger pins. This kit is for completing your AR-15 lower and allowing an affordable parts kit in the case you already have drop-in triggers on-hand and ready to install.

Weight: The overall weight of the CMMG Lower Parts, Gun Builders Kit is 0.2lbs.

Spike's Tactical AR-15 Pro Grip Polymer Matte Black

AR-15 pistol grips are a simple upgrade to your existing A2 style grip. Aftermarket grips can be skeletonized, feature beaver tails, extra storage compartments, or even palm rests! Depending on your next build or upgrade you can find just about anything you would want! The grip contains a critical component to the function of your lower receiver beyond just ergonomics. The pistol grip houses a spring that applies pressure against your fire selector, making a tactile 'click' when you switch from safe to fire. Thanks to part interchangeability between the AR-15 and DPMS LR-308 platform, AR-15 grips can be used on both AR-10 and AR-15 lower receivers.

About this Pistol Grip: Spike's Tactical is a US-based AR manufacturer that creates high-quality parts, uppers, and complete rifles. Every component is manufactured to Mil-Spec standards and is backed by the Spike's Tactical lifetime warranty. This particular pistol grip is made from high-quality impact-resistant polymer and features a matte black finish.

Material: Glass Filled Polymer - This grip uses a glass reinforced polymer construction, saving weight, and improving overall durability.

Texture: Grooved - This grip uses milled grooves for the shooters fingers to engage and grip on to.

Color / Finish: Polymer Black

James Madison Tactical Saber Single Stage Drop-in Trigger

General Info: Builders and shooters know that the best upgrade you can do to your AR-15 is getting a reliable, smooth and light pull trigger. Thanks to the modularity of the AR-15 platform, upgrading your standard Mil-Spec Trigger with a self-contained all-in-one drop-in trigger is as easy as punching out two pins from your lower receiver and "dropping in" your new upgrade. Multiple AR-15 / LR-308 triggers come in many different pull weights. The standard pull weight on a Mil-Spec trigger is around 6 to 8.5 lbs. With a trigger upgrade, you can shave around 4 to 6 lbs off your trigger pull, making it lighter while getting a more tactile and positive reset. The options are endless when it comes to trigger upgrades so find the one that works best for you!

About this Trigger: With a fast reset, a smoother, crisper, lighter trigger pull, the single-stage trigger group is easy to install.

Pull Weight: This trigger has a Single-stage, 3.5- 4.0 lb. pull weight

Compatibility: This trigger will work with any standard AR-15 and LR-308 lower receiver.

Anti-Walk Pins: Included - This trigger comes with a set of provided anti-walk pins to ensure the hammer and trigger do not slip from alignment during operation.

Color: This trigger is Blue accented.

Trigger Style: Skeletonized - This trigger has a skeletonized curved trigger shoe to lighten the pulled mass, making the trigger pull smoother, and a more comfortable engagement surface.

Brand: James Madison Tactical
Type: Drop-In
Model: Tactical Saber Single Stage Drop-in Trigger
Compatibility: AR-15 Standard / LR-308 / AR-10
Pull Weight: 3.5 - 4 lb
Anti-Walk Pins: Included
Color: Blue
Trigger Style: Skeletonized Curved
Country of Origin: USA 

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