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Trinity Force Polymer Spring Loaded Flip Up Sights - Front and Rear

Part Number: ST-20548
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Trinity Force Polymer Spring Loaded Flip Up Sights - Front and Rear


Lightweight rapid-deploy flip-up sights for your AR!

Furnish your rifle with lightweight iron sights that deploy at a moment's notice with the Trinity Force Polymer Spring Loaded Flip Up Sights (Front and Rear Set). With their lightweight polymer construction and spring-loaded flip-up design, these sights add minimal weight and are a great backup sight for your firearm.

Spring-Loaded Design:
The spring-loaded flip-up design of these sights allows for compact storage that folds down against the Picatinny rail and is perfect for compact builds or builds with scopes and bulky optics. These sights also feature a quick-release tab that deploys the iron sights in a fraction of a second by simply moving the tab forward - making them a great backup sight for tense situations where time is limited or your primary optic fails.

Polymer Construction:
These sights feature a polymer construction that keeps things lightweight while still remaining rugged enough to withstand intense use. Although not as durable as steel iron sights, the convenience and weight savings that you gain (especially with the compact and rapid-deploy design) make these sights powerhouses for compact builds and builds with optics.

Adjustable and Compatible:
These sights are adjustable for windage and elevation with intuitive and easy-to-use tabs and adjustment knobs, making for a tool-less adjustment and easy sighting in. Featuring a dual rear aperture, you can adapt to close-range and longer-range engagements by simply flipping the rear aperture. Furthermore, these sights feature a Picatinny-compatible mount that ensures you can attach them to a variety of different firearms, whether it be a rifle, shotgun, or any other system that has Picatinny rails.

Why Buy the Trinity Force Flip-Up Sights?
These sights merge practicality, a lightweight design, and convenience in a compact package that delivers reliable performance. With its rapid-deploy design, adjustable sights, lightweight construction, and Picatinny compatibility, these sights are the perfect backup sights for your firearm.


Brand: Trinity Force
Model: Polymer Spring Loaded Flip Up Sights - Front and Rear
Mount Position: AR-15
Material: Polymer
Finish: Polymer
Included: Front Sight, Rear Sight
Rear Sight Aperture: 2 Position
Color: Black
Mounting System: Picatinny
Flip-Up: Yes
Spring Loaded: Yes
Profile: Standard Top Rail

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