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VISM AR-15/AR-10 Lower Receiver Vice Block

Part Number: TL-15180
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VISM AR-15/AR-10 Lower Receiver Vice Block

Use The VISM AR-15/AR-10 Lower Receiver Vice Block to secure your AR lower receiver to a bench vise for maintenance and assembly. This Vice block includes a removable buffer tube mount ring to aid in installing the carbine buffer tube straight and plumb onto the receiver. It will hold and lock the carbine buffer tube in place so that the castle nut can be properly tightened without misaligning the buffer tube.

BENEFITS of Using the Vism AR-15/AR-10 Lower Receiver Vice Block:

Secure and stable grip: The vice block provides a secure and stable grip on the AR-15/AR-10 lower receiver, allowing you to work on it without it slipping or moving around. This makes it easier to perform various tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, and assembly.

Protection against damage: The vice block is made of durable materials that protect the lower receiver from scratches, dents, and other forms of damage. It holds the receiver firmly in place, reducing the risk of accidental drops or mishandling.

Accessibility and convenience: The vice block holds the lower receiver in a position that allows easy access to all parts of the receiver. This makes it more convenient for tasks such as installing or removing components, pins, and springs.

Compatibility: The VISM AR15/AR-10 Lower Receiver Vice Block is specifically designed for AR-15/AR-10 lower receivers, ensuring a proper fit and compatibility. It is crafted to accommodate mil-spec and commercial receivers, offering versatility and broad usage.

Enhanced stability during assembly: When you're assembling or attaching components to the lower receiver, the vice block provides stability and support, making it easier to align and secure parts. This ensures greater precision and reduces the likelihood of misalignment or errors.

Increased efficiency: By securely holding the lower receiver, the vice block allows you to work more efficiently. It frees up your hands, giving you better control and making it easier to perform tasks accurately and quickly.

Cost-effective solution: Investing in a vice block can be a cost-effective choice compared to alternative methods of securing the lower receiver, such as specialized clamps or vices. It provides a reliable and reusable tool for AR-15/AR-10 maintenance without the need for additional equipment.

Remember to always follow proper safety procedures and guidelines when working with firearms or firearm accessories.

AR15 lower receiver vise block
Buffer tube support ring with three thumb screws
Pistol grip bolt for securing receiver to the vise block

Brand: VISM
Model: AR15/AR-10 Lower Receiver Vice Block
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