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Omega Manufacturing 8oz Buffer AR 9mm - Black

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AIM Sports 8oz 9mm Buffer - Black


Omega Manufacturing 8oz Buffer AR 9mm - Black
Do cycling issues keep happening with your AR9? Omega Manufacturing has answered the call to help solve these problems with its dedicated 9mm buffer. This black anodized buffer body that measures out to 4", which is .75" longer than the standard carbine buffer, also weighs 8 ounces! Combining these two attributes gives us a buffer that is perfectly suited to managing the blowback pressures from a 9mm and throw in the support for your Rifle system to fully load and seat rounds and not just get blown back too fast like a lighter weight buffer.

Stop questioning why your rifle isn't cycling and come get this dedicated 9mm buffer!

Matte black finish
8 oz carbine weight
AR-15 platform


Brand: AIM Sports
Model: 8oz 9mm Buffer - Black
Weight: 8oz
Platform: AR-15
Classification: Carbine

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