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Date 5/12/2021

hope i ween

Brandon Moore

Date 5/28/2021 4:40:40 AM

Would love to win this thing


Date 5/27/2021 10:12:37 PM

Hope is high

Edward Berner

Date 5/18/2021 7:37:51 AM

Very nice


Date 5/18/2021 6:57:58 AM

This rifle would becwrlcom in my family.

Andrew Michaels

Date 5/18/2021 6:42:36 AM

I need this rifle


Date 5/17/2021 12:07:59 PM

Can’t wait to hold this in my hands!!!


Date 5/16/2021 9:15:22 PM

Like your videos would love to win the ar15 have not been able to save enough to buy one

Kirk Tindel

Date 5/16/2021 6:13:51 AM

Not if I win first!!

Roberto Padilla

Date 5/15/2021 11:33:38 PM

Well I've never won anything so I hope I win.


Date 5/13/2021 9:40:21 PM

Now that's a pretty awesome. That's really nice for a budget build

Robert C Parker

Date 5/13/2021 5:00:59 PM

I think he has put together a great package for the everyday Joe. It will certainly be one that the winner will enjoy hours of pleasure at the range.

Rich S

Date 5/12/2021 7:12:21 PM

???? One of these times... Good luck y'all ??


Date 5/12/2021

That makes two of us buddy!!!


Date 5/16/2021 1:43:46 PM

I won an all expense paid trip to Iraq once. Then a year later I won another one! So I don't think I will be as lucky on this give away...but who knows?


Date 5/12/2021

Nice rifle!

Murray Chapman

Date 5/12/2021

Love this quality stuff at giveawy prices ... keep it up!

Shane Dodd

Date 5/12/2021

I tried to share the giveaway on Facebook and Facebook blocked the post! I took a screen shot of the rejected post and shared it anyway! LOL

Thomas Currie

Date 5/12/2021

Comments left posted here are just cherry-picked. Anyone who says anything about the awful video or the lack of clear instructions for the giveaway just gets their comments deleted. This comment will be deleted because it tells the truth.


Date 5/12/2021

One of these times ???? Good luck y'all


Date 5/12/2021

The giveaway needs a link to the blog.

Louis M Bingiel

Date 5/12/2021


john spanitz

Date 5/12/2021

Delta Team Tactical FTW!!!!

Xaun Loc

Date 5/12/2021

Great giveaway


Date 5/12/2021

We all need another AR


Date 5/12/2021

Is the gun in the photo the same as the one in the giveaway video? It looks like a different riser to me.


Date 5/12/2021

I need this.

Patrick Leadingfox

Date 5/13/2021

Boy I would love to win this. Love the site, I shop here everytime when I have the extra money

Paul Trager

Date 5/13/2021

This sure would be a nice addition to the collection!

Cody A Trager

Date 5/13/2021

Let's Go!!!


Date 5/13/2021


Collin Jones

Date 5/13/2021

This would be such a blessing. Finances are so tight, also going to school for gunsmithing at SDI and this would give me a chance to have something other than a pistol to work on and become a lot better acquainted with the platform. Thanks for the opportunity.


Date 5/13/2021

Great Looking Build!

Anthony L

Date 5/13/2021

Another awesome, build good luck y'all!


Date 5/13/2021

Good luck everyone!

Robert C Parker

Date 5/13/2021

A great set up and a package the Average Joe will enjoy spending hours and days of great memories at the range. Good Luck Everyone!


Date 5/13/2021

I love the prices on Delta Team Tactical. And the fact they have giveaways is just icing on my AR15 cake!


Date 5/13/2021

Would love to have it


Date 5/13/2021

I want it!

Tim Brewington

Date 5/13/2021

Would be nice to have in the arsenal

Andrew Hall

Date 5/14/2021

I would love to have this as part of my collection!


Date 5/14/2021

Uncle Joe going be Mad if I win this!

Michael B Driver

Date 5/14/2021 I would love to win this! But, good luck all entrants! Thanks DTT & Focus Tripp for the opportunity to win!

Daryl Okayama

Date 5/14/2021

Very cool giveaway, thanks DTT and FocusTripp!

Peter Mogish

Date 5/15/2021

Very Nice Rifle for home defense !


Date 5/15/2021

Great eco build for us regular folk and still looks awesome.

Verawid C

Date 5/15/2021

It would be pretty sweet if I could win this!

daryl s

Date 5/15/2021

nice budget build! appreciate the opportunity.


Date 5/15/2021

Looks like a sweet pew pew build


Date 5/15/2021

Would be nice to add a modern rifle to the collection ????


Date 5/15/2021 9:50:22 PM

Ahhh so the rocker hand symbol just translated into question marks......nice


Date 5/16/2021

Looks like a decent giveaway.


Date 5/16/2021

tough for us old guys to figure out this blog stuff

Michael Perkins

Date 5/16/2021

Thanks for the opportunity, Love to get it to the range.

Mark Dwyer

Date 5/17/2021

I like the technical way you tackled each component of the weapon. The information explaining the choices are the reason that I watch videos.

Michael Chambers

Date 5/17/2021



Date 5/17/2021

Great products

Bill Ward

Date 5/17/2021

Great product.

Nate R

Date 5/17/2021

Who doesn't want/need another AR?

Devin D

Date 5/17/2021

TGC sent me :p


Date 5/17/2021

Love to be able to win this. Promise I would give it a good home.

Ronnie frantzen

Date 5/18/2021

I hope this is ca legal so I can win lol


Date 5/18/2021

Never won before, could be great to win

joe dunne

Date 5/18/2021

Hoping to win looks like an awesome gun


Date 5/18/2021

Looks like an awesome rifle, built right. I would love yo add this to my collection. Good luck everyone.

Tom D

Date 5/18/2021

This may be my chance to finally win,


Date 5/18/2021

Mine! It's time for me to finally win something.

Billy bland

Date 5/18/2021


Gregory Rhymes

Date 5/18/2021



Date 5/18/2021

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

jeff ervin

Date 5/18/2021

Would like to have this.


Date 5/18/2021

I'm looking forward for the results of your giveaway

KatDaddy 99

Date 5/18/2021

Keep up the good work...Tks

Ian Lynch

Date 5/18/2021

Sweet giveaway good luck everyone


Date 5/20/2021

Never won anything from a giveaway but this won't be for me, im trying to win so I can give this to a relative that can't afford one herself!


Date 5/20/2021

A beautiful weapon!


Date 5/21/2021

Praying this build will be mine!

Eric Punch

Date 5/22/2021

Hope I win this would be amazing to have Thanks for the opportunity to win good luck everyone

Jason R.

Date 5/22/2021

I’ll take mine in black :-D you guys have always delivered and I love your products.

Shane St. Hilaire

Date 5/23/2021

I hope I win. this would be my first

Heath C.

Date 5/24/2021

Would love to win this amazing build!

Robert T

Date 5/25/2021

I hope I win this fine budget rifle!


Date 5/25/2021

Nice giveaway, I like that its good to go.

TJ Pedro

Date 5/26/2021

I need this BAD!

Bill Webb

Date 5/26/2021

I've never won anything, I hope to win it. It would be my first AR-15..

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schnitt

Date 5/26/2021

I like how FocusTripp presents info! Found him through Hop from Hoplopfheil. The DTT video of Jon McNaughto's studio tour was cool, he paints excellent works.

Matthew Feuge

Date 5/26/2021

Good luck everyone! Someone is going to be crazy happy!

Matthew Feuge

Date 5/26/2021

Good luck everyone! Someone is going to be crazy happy!

Chang-Lee thao

Date 5/27/2021

Never won anything in a give away it would be great if I won.


Date 5/27/2021

This is an awesome build. Hope I can win!

Michael B

Date 5/28/2021

That's beautiful, I would love to own it.

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