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Northtac Ronin M-10 Closed Emitter Red Dot, 1x38mm

Part Number: RD-10379
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Northtac Ronin M-10 Closed Emitter Red Dot, 1x38mm

General Info: Red dot sights have their origin from aircraft gunsights or 'collimators' where the shooter's reticle is projected on a clear lens/glass pane allowing for easier target acquisition and a better sight picture of a target. Later adapted for small arms rifles, red dots exist to be incredibly sturdy and reliable open sight picture optics. Red Dot Sights(RDS) allow for faster target acquisition due to their wide-open glass, meaning you can see your point of aim from almost anywhere on a rifle or pistol. The AR-15 platform was adapted for use with these aiming systems back in the late 80s where the carry handle was sidelined in favor of the distinct Flat-Top/Picatinny rail system.

About this Sight System: The Northtac M-10 is designed to offer the largest sight picture of any Northtac optic. Featuring a 38mm objective and programmable electronics the Auto-Shutoff and Shake Activation features allow the optic downtime when not in use and lightning quick target acquisition when handling your firearm from a stored position. The solid cased aluminum enclosure keeps out unwanted dust and debris and protects the optic from all angles. With recessed clickable turrets you can easily make adjustments when needed. The 12 brightness settings and premium multi-lens coating means this optics versatility ranges from a wide variety of applications and platforms.

Magnification: This is a Non-Magnified Gunsight and has a true 1x sight picture.

Illumination: Red illuminated reticle

Reticle Type: Red Dot

Battery Type: CR2032

Eye Relief: Due to the nature of reflex sights, there is nearly unlimited eye relief with this style of the optic.

Brand: Northtac
Optic Type: Red Dot
Model: Ronin M-10 Red Dot, 1x38mm
Magnification: 1x
Illumination: Yes
Illumination Color: Red
Battery Type: CR2032
Lens Diameter: 38mm
MOA-Adjustments: 1-MOA Click
Reticle: Dot
Turrets: Exposed

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