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Quick Adjust Two Point Sling, Integral QD Swivels, Black

Part Number: SL-21478
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JE Machine Quick Adjust Two Point Sling, Integral QD Swivels, Black


An extraordinary quick adjust two-point QD sling!

Experience unparalleled firearm handling with the Quick Adjust Two Point Sling with Integral QD Swivels in Black Nylon. 

Elevate your shooting capabilities with this innovative accessory that combines adaptability, comfort, and control for a truly exceptional shooting experience. Phenomenal for stabilization, hands-free operation of your other equipment, or for long treks - this sling is an absolute must-have.

Adaptable Comfort at Your Fingertips:

Step into a realm of shooting comfort like never before. The Quick Adjust Two Point Sling ensures optimal firearm positioning tailored to your unique preferences. Able to convert into a single-point sling and armed with an adjustable strap, you can easily adjust the sling length to match your shooting style, body size, and dynamic scenarios, delivering unparalleled comfort and control in every shot. With its high-strength nylon construction that guarantees a light and comfortable experience and its quick detach compatible swivels, you'll find no issue with adapting to a multitude of firearms and set-ups so that you can perform at your best.

Instant Readiness for Every Situation:

Seize the advantage with the Quick Adjust Sling's swift transition from a slung to a ready-to-fire position. In high-pressure situations demanding rapid target acquisition or immediate action, this feature ensures you're always prepared to take the shot, maintaining the edge in fast-paced environments.

Dynamic Maneuverability for Unrestricted Movement:

Experience the freedom to go hands-free whenever the situation calls for it. The Quick Adjust Sling empowers you to drop your rifle to your side and swiftly equip your sidearm, navigate around obstacles, access your gear, or simply take a break from holding your firearm. Furthermore, having a sling is an absolute must if you shoot for long periods or need to carry your firearm across long distances as it greatly reduces fatigue and preserves your energy for those moments when you need to make every shot count. Your maneuverability becomes seamless and efficient, enhancing your overall shooting experience.

Enhanced Stability in Every Scenario:

Whether you're bracing against an object, tightening your control over your firearm, or faced with the challenge of using just one hand, the Quick Adjust Sling has you covered. With a 1.5" wide nylon strap with an adjustable length of 37" all the way to 45", this accessory maximizes comfort and simplifies firearm stabilization and control, ensuring you can confidently handle your firearm regardless of the situation. From improving stability and assisting with better aim and follow-up shots, the Quick Adjust sling will help you become a better shooter.

Why Buy the Quick Adjust Two-Point Sling?

Elevate your firearm handling with the Quick Adjust Two Point Sling, a lightweight and durable solution crafted from high-strength nylon. Its integral quick detach swivel attachment points prevent tangling, while the quick-adjust system accommodates every shooter and their unique shooting style. Embrace the advantages of comfort, readiness, maneuverability, and stability – make the Quick Adjust Two Point Sling an essential addition to your shooting gear.

Two-point sling with adjustable strap
Allows for quick adjustment of the length
Fits QD series
Can be used as a 1 or 2 point sling


Brand: JE Machine
Model: Quick Adjust Two Point Sling, Integral QD Swivels, Black
Color: Black
Bungee: No
Mount Type: QD Swivel
Points of Contact: 2

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