When Alex Bosco was out shooting with one of his friends the range master requested that they stop due to safety concerns. You see, the friend Bosco was shooting with was a disabled combat veteran who had difficulty controlling his weapon. Bosco sought to create a solution that would provide more stability and that is when the Pistol Stabilizing Brace was born. Once he received approval from the ATF he co-founded SB Tactical with Grant Shaw. Since then the company has strived to create pistol stabilizing braces that help improve stability for a variety of shooters. The company has grown immensely since it was founded and they continue to make outstanding products. Make sure to shop the SB Tactical Brace sale while it is still available. 


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Date 7/2/2022

I love the SB Braces. I have 7 or 8 but who is counting. They are just the best pistol brace by far in my opinion. The ATF wants to take them away after they approved them. They are dead set to take our 2nd Ammendment. Hope the SB stays around a long time and the ATF get woke up gets their stupid filtered out. I'm not finished building my collection and SB will be included in more of my builds. Thanks SB Tactical for your great proucts.

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