Best Budget Glock trigger upgrade: TF Tactical's SPSR 'Lightning tap' 2.0 trigger

Everything you need to know about the most affordable Glock compatible trigger upgrade.

TF Tactical has designed and manufactured a very affordable trigger assembly compatible with Generations 1-3 Glock 17 and Glock 19 frames that is definitely worth trying out!

A lot of gun enthusiasts would argue that factory Glock triggers aren't exactly the best triggers in the handgun industry, and if an OEM Glock trigger isn’t your style, or if you’re doing a fully custom build. The SPSR trigger has a few more features than most OEM and aftermarket triggers options can offer. 

SPSR - Short-Pull-Short-Reset Feature

The ‘Lightning Tap’ Trigger lives up to its name because the trigger housing has built in adjustment screws (Allen keys are included) to adjust the uptake/ slack from your trigger pull, and to adjust the distance the trigger has to travel on the reset. By taking out a safe amount of slack/uptake and reset travel, you can potentially speed up your rate of fire and you can customize your trigger to suit what feels best for you.

How to Adjust your SPSR Trigger

There are two tiny adjustment set screws threaded into your trigger housing. One is located on the back the other on the front. The front screw uses the larger Allen key and the rearward one uses the smaller one.

To shorten your trigger pull, turn the front screw clockwise (Righty-tighty). Be careful not too take out too much slack that prevents the firearm from functioning properly.  To shorten the trigger reset, turn the rearward screw clockwise also.

If adjusted properly you can remove the majority of the slack or uptake in your trigger.

Billet Aluminum Trigger Shoe and Trigger Safety

The lightning tap trigger shoe comes in many different colors and every color option features billet aluminum construction with robust roll pins holding all the moving parts in place.

Budget Friendly and Customizable!

The SPSR ‘Lightning Tap’ Trigger is a great option for a custom P80 Build, a standard upgrade, or any other custom Glock compatible build you’re working on. Most select dealers like DTT have the SPSR ‘Lightning Tap’ trigger available for less than $100 which is significantly more affordable than the majority of aftermarket trigger manufacturers.

SPSR triggers are also customizable. Because the SPSR ‘Lightning Tap’ Trigger is compatible with Glock 19 and Glock 17 Gen 1-3 frames, it is also compatible with most of the other aftermarket trigger components out there. This assembly pairs great with the TF Tactical Trigger Spring Upgrade kit to further customize your trigger pull weight and feel, all of the aftermarket trigger shoe and bar options, and much more! If you're ready to upgrade your trigger, you can find the SPSR 'Lightning Tap' Trigger here

If you’ve got any questions, feedback, or reviews to share about the SPSR ‘Lightning Tap’ Trigger feel free to comment below!

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