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Date 11/30/2022

great deals

Walt (Slick) De Selms

Date 12/1/2022

Hey Guys, if your having the YouTube Blues (wrote a song about it..;^) Might give Rumble a go.....alot of folks check that as well....;6) Hope you have a Bang Up Christmas Season and a Rockin New Year...;6) Keep up the Fight, and Thanks for the Gear......sincerely Slick...;^)

Jeremy j

Date 12/3/2022

Thanks for another great video and product line up keep them coming

Mike Martens

Date 12/6/2022


Monte Cristia

Date 12/6/2022

I really could use this on a pig hunt I want to try and do in Texas before the cancer makes it impossible

Peter vandenbrink

Date 12/7/2022

Awesome way to bring in the new year. Had to sell mine. For family needs

Francisco Tierrablanca

Date 12/20/2022

Be a nice if i win my first AR 15, because I'm hunter for more of 45 years, and never has one.

Dean Klotz

Date 12/20/2022

Very nice rifle !!!!! I can use it for all sorts of things.

Lyle Hadden

Date 12/21/2022

Perfect for a coyote, fox, or coon hunt!

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