Luth-ar, a driving force in the firearms industry

A brief synopsis of Luth-AR

Luth-AR was founded by Randy Luth in 2013. Since then, Luth-AR has become a leader in the firearms industry. Randy Luth has over 40 years of experience in the firearms industry, in which he founded D.P.M.S, Luth-AR and helped pioneer hunting with AR style rifles. Luth-AR first got their start creating buttstocks. They wanted to create adjustable, lightweight, affordable stocks.. Today, they have expanded into buffer springs, buffer tubes and other accessories like handguards. Luth-AR proudly manufactures all products in the US. They strive to keep the end user in mind when creating products. You can learn more about Luth-AR here. You can shop Luth-AR products here.

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